dear dad…New Zealand IS special!

Dear daddy, When I was in college, you once told me: "If I were to give you my blessing to migrate to another country, it would definitely be to live in New Zealand and only New Zealand" I never forgot about that dad, but I never really understood why, except you telling me that New… Continue reading dear dad…New Zealand IS special!


I was kidnapped!!! Part 4!!!

Don't worry, this is the last part of the kidnap story! At the end of this blog,  I won't make you wait `til tomorrow for what's gonna happen next! 🙂 If this is the first time you're reading my blog, or at least the kidnap story, I strongly suggest you start from the...start! You can… Continue reading I was kidnapped!!! Part 4!!!


On teaching and learning (part 2)

If you read my previous blog, you'd know that one of my childhood dreams is to teach. What I didn't mention are the specifics. I want it to be in a classroom. Chalk and board or whiteboard and marker and all. I want to able to make tests, check exam papers and grade my students.… Continue reading On teaching and learning (part 2)