Love is….

At night when my son Kristo is asleep, I usually stare at him for a while and hug him and tell him I love him over and over. Sometimes he replies, often times he's really far away in la la land, but just the same, I'd say over and over "I love you, Kristo‚Ķ.I love… Continue reading Love is….


about Paul…

Before I became a mommy to my little boy, I was already taking care of another guy I soooo love... I remember being upset when he'd get bruises or wounds from playing soccer.... I'd be there for almost every shooting day he's gone thru for his movie or commercial or tv guesting to show him… Continue reading about Paul…


I was kidnapped! Part 3!!!

If you've been reading my kidnap's part 3! If you have no idea what I'm talking would be best to start reading here. (It's always better to get the full story!) *wink* After being all made up and all, where do u think the next stop was?! Well, here's the clue I was… Continue reading I was kidnapped! Part 3!!!