#MusicForAHeart : A Benefit Gig for Boy Agoncillo

I know it's a Monday, but if you're thinking of going out tonight, you may want to head on over to 12 Monkeys in Makati. A friend of mine along with a few of her friends (bless their heart!) have organized a fundraiser for their colleague's dad, Edgardo Banaag Agoncillo, who had a heart attack a… Continue reading #MusicForAHeart : A Benefit Gig for Boy Agoncillo

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Security Bank Launches the Smart Saver Kiddie Camp

True to its BetterBanking promise, Security Bank introduces the Smart Saver Kiddie Camp.  Aimed at enhancing kids’ knowledge on money management, the camp transforms its young participants into smart saver and smart spenders. The Smart Saver Kiddie Camp is a three-hour program that integrates financial education with fun and interactive workshops specifically designed for kids… Continue reading Security Bank Launches the Smart Saver Kiddie Camp


See You Later, Growth Spurt!

Our baby girl is two months old! Wooohoooooo! That ain't the only reason I'm (virtually) screaming my heart out. I'm ecstatic because we just came out of Audrey's growth spurt (at least for this month). Whew! It seems like just a couple of weeks ago when our baby girl was so fragile at 5 pounds… Continue reading See You Later, Growth Spurt!