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Swell Time with TropicalSwells

My little Audrey, now 4 years old, is more adventurous than I am. Considering all the crazy things I’ve done in my life, I think she’s a lot braver and  willing to try new things, especially if it means she’s gonna have loads of fun. A few months ago, a friend invited us to try… Continue reading Swell Time with TropicalSwells

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Kristo the vegetarian

"how would you feel if you were the animal and you'd have to be killed and eaten?" Kristo, our 7 year old asked. To which I replied, "let's ask your papa" because I didn't know what to say. Rommel and I then tried to explain the food chain to him. We even told him about… Continue reading Kristo the vegetarian

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Little Big Fighter Julius and Mommy Cecilia…

Last week I got to spend a bit of time with another awesome mom who inspires me to bits.  For some reason, lately I've really been drawn to mothers like me who have gorgeous little boys. I met ate (big sister) Cecilia and her 8 year old son Julius at the Generics Expo I hosted… Continue reading Little Big Fighter Julius and Mommy Cecilia…