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The hundred peso question =)

If I got a peso every time someone asked me at the playground where my kids' nanny was, I'd be able to buy a double cheeseburger meal at Mc Donald's by the end of the week. =) If I got a peso every time I answered a follow-up question like who cooks? who cleans? who does your laundry?… Continue reading The hundred peso question =)


Happy Birthday times three!

Planning a birthday party or any form of birthday celebration requires time, money, effort and love. If you don't have much of the first 3, its okay as long as you've got LOADS of the last one -- coz when you love someone you'd want to see them super happy and if you want to… Continue reading Happy Birthday times three!

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From yellow poo to green poo, naku poo!!! :(

You may or may not agree but our baby's poo is one of our best friends. It's a huge indicator of what's happening to their tiny (or not so tiny) bodies. It also says a lot about what's going on in our milk factory! Remember baby's first stool? It was greenish-black, right? That's called Meconium.… Continue reading From yellow poo to green poo, naku poo!!! 😦

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Kristo’s 5th Birthday Mini-Field Trip!!!

To have a birthday party or not to have a party, that was the question for Kristo's 5th birthday. I felt that things are different now that he's a "little man" -- Kristo knows what he wants and what he doesn't enjoy. That being the case, I asked him to choose between having a birthday… Continue reading Kristo’s 5th Birthday Mini-Field Trip!!!


about Paul…

Before I became a mommy to my little boy, I was already taking care of another guy I soooo love... I remember being upset when he'd get bruises or wounds from playing soccer.... I'd be there for almost every shooting day he's gone thru for his movie or commercial or tv guesting to show him… Continue reading about Paul…

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Happy Birthday to two inspiring women: Acel Bisa-Van Ommen and Barbie Almalbis-Honasan

I'd like to end the week still talking about birthdays! No, no more kidnap stories and no more blogs ending with "find out what happens next, tomorrow!" 🙂 None of that in this post. Today I'd like to honor two beautiful, inspiring women who are dear to me. God has used them to help me… Continue reading Happy Birthday to two inspiring women: Acel Bisa-Van Ommen and Barbie Almalbis-Honasan


I was kidnapped!!! Part 4!!!

Don't worry, this is the last part of the kidnap story! At the end of this blog,  I won't make you wait `til tomorrow for what's gonna happen next! 🙂 If this is the first time you're reading my blog, or at least the kidnap story, I strongly suggest you start from the...start! You can… Continue reading I was kidnapped!!! Part 4!!!