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I made a list, and I checked it more than twice!

About a year before Rommel and I casually bumped into each other at a gig and started dating, I wrote a really long list of what I prayed and hoped my husband would be like. No matter how funny or trivial or serious or crazy it was - I wrote it on that list! I… Continue reading I made a list, and I checked it more than twice!

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Flower Power

Dad gave mum flowers all the time. He was sweet like that. On weekends when we'd do grocery runs, we'd stop by a flower shop and dad would let my brother and I pick flowers for mum's bouquet that weekend. No special occasion, just a normal weekend made special by flowers from us! 🙂 Dad… Continue reading Flower Power


I miss landlines…don’t you?

I know! This mommy has been missing in action, BIG TIME! I took a short break from blogging and enjoyed reading a few great books throughout the holidays instead! Speaking of the holidays… I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and New Year’s with family and friends! Christmas was great for our family this… Continue reading I miss landlines…don’t you?