#MusicForAHeart : A Benefit Gig for Boy Agoncillo

I know it’s a Monday, but if you’re thinking of going out tonight, you may want to head on over to 12 Monkeys in Makati. A friend of mine along with a few of her friends (bless their heart!) have organized a fundraiser for their colleague’s dad, Edgardo Banaag Agoncillo, who had a heart attack a few weeks ago.

According to my friend, Mr. Agoncillo underwent an angiogram and his cardiologists clearly suggested that he needs to undergo an angioplasty, a medical procedure that will widen his affected arteries so that blood can flow easily. His angioplasty will cost around P600,000 at a minimum and this only includes 2 stents. Any additional stent will be an additional P30,000. His doctors said that they may use up to 8 stents given the extent of the blockages in his arteries.

What does that have to do with you going out tonight? Well, if you were in their situation, wouldn’t you do anything to raise the money needed for someone you love? AND wouldn’t it be such a wonderful feeling to be able to help out someone in need WHILE enjoying really good music for only 500 pesos? Check out the line-up for tonight’s #MusicForAHeart : A Benefit Gig for Boy Agoncillo:

DJ Aggy De Guzman, I Belong to the Zoo, A Band Has No Name, DJ Jokko Jimenez, Kate Torralba (YEY! SHE’S IN TOWN! THAT ALONE IS REASON ENOUGH TO GO!)

Then there’s….

John and Gabby
Mike Luis and Friends
Mike Luis and Friends


Show starts at 9pm.  Text 09989981220 for ticket reservations and pledges. Your help will go a long way.

Wanna know why you’d want to help out their family? Here’s why…

We love our father very much for he is a kind, understanding, giving and gentle person. He did everything he could to support our family when we were growing up. He was never a smoker or a drunk. He deserves to have a second chance in life. For our friends and relatives who have kind and generous hearts, we humbly ask for your financial assistance. We appreciate the prayers very much because nothing is impossible with God. We hope and pray that our Lord would touch your hearts and help our family member in need. Our funds are running out, we need your help.



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