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Superdudes Show Debuts in Manila

Right before Easter, as we were driving along C5 Road, my son pointed out a billboard of Superdudes. What caught his attention was the fact that Stevie Nicholson, formerly of Hi-5 Australia, is the creator of Superdudes. My kids couldn’t believe it when a few days ago I got an invite to attend the media launch of Superdudes. Since my eleven-year-old son was very eager to see what it’s all about, I grabbed the opportunity to assign this as one of his writing projects. Since he’s been blogging recently, I told him I’d sign him up as a blogger but he’d have to write all about it. He agreed and met his end of the bargain. His post is up and you can check it out here.

Stevie Nicholson
Stevie Nicholson

The kids were very excited to see Stevie Nicholson. I must admit, I was too. I think we feel like he’s a family friend since we used to watch Hi-5 on TV at least four times a day when little Audrey was a toddler. Honestly, I was sad when he left Hi-5 a few months ago, and if you were sad just like us, boy have I got great news for you. Stevie dove right back into entertaining and educating children, but this time through his brainchild, Superdudes. It’s a funny and quirky children’s book which focuses on capturing the imagination of children in a playful and engaging way, and is based on the philosophy that absolutely anyone and anything can be super.

Stevie mentioned that Superdudes has four phases. The release of the book was the first one. Now, they’re here in the Philippines for phase two, a three-week promotional tour for the historic World Premiere of the Superdudes stage show featuring the best loved characters from his book. Nick Rudich, Stevie’s best friend, is the illustrator and joins the stage show as one of the characters. (Try to guess which character Nick plays. Let me know in the comments section below.)

The Superdudes!!!!
The Superdudes!!!!

Filipino audiences will be the first in the entire world to meet fan favorites Super Stevie, Pirate Pencil, Bubble Trouble, and Flutterby in person. The Superdudes are set to make live appearances in major malls throughout the country, treating their young fans to unique, interactive activities including creative workshops and storytelling sessions in addition to the usual song and dance performances.

“The show is an incredible mix of music, dancing, games, magic, and crowd participation sprinkled with a dash of super,” explains Nicholson. “This really is a dream come true and I honestly can’t wait to introduce you all to the Superdudes!”

Stevie also mentioned that he personally chose the Philippines as their first stop because he absolutely loves the Filipino audience. He loves it so much, he has plans of getting phase three started here in Manila. Can you guess what it is? Oh, I can’t keep the excitement! I must tell you! He’s planning to turn Superdudes into a television show and he would like to produce it here in Manila. Once that gets set-up, Stevie wants to come up with more books, this time incorporating characters sent in by kids from all over. There’s so much to look forward to, especially their live stage shows. Here’s where you and your kids can catch them:

  • April 2 (Saturday) – Lucky Chinatown Mall
  • April 3 (Sunday) – Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill
  • April 8 (Friday) – SM Jazz
  • April 9 (Saturday) – SM Megamall
  • April 15 (Friday) – SM Light
  • April 16 (Saturday) – Century Mall
  • April 17 (Sunday) – SM Iloilo

The Superdudes Philippine Tour is presented by Vivre Fort Entertainment in cooperation with Holiday Inn Manila Galleria, the Official Superdudes Residence in Manila.  Also supporting this event are:

  • Injap Tower, the Official Superdudes Iloilo Residence
  • Cebu Pacific, preferred airline of the Superdudes
  • Hotel 101 Manila
  • Luna Films
  • Krizara Photography
The kids and I with the Superdudes!
The kids and I with the Superdudes!

I’m so glad we got to meet the whole gang. Little Audrey was so encouraged when she found out from Flutterby that it has been her life-long dream to sing and dance and have fairy wings. Audrey has mentioned since, that she too wants wings and wants to sing and dance forever!



Meanwhile Kristo is really inspired to work on our little book project this year. Imagine super heroes telling you as a kid that you are super…oh what a childhood memory made! Thank you, Superdudes! You want to know what my special moment was? It was getting to chat with this Superdad!!!


Super Stevie’s dad! You could see that he’s so proud of what Stevie has accomplished, so it was nice to share that short and sweet proud parent moment with him. Thanks for being super, DUDE! =)


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  1. I absolutely love this! AND… I feel so giggly happy looking at the pics. So glad that Kristo and Audrey got to meet the Super Dudes!

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