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Swell Time with TropicalSwells

My little Audrey, now 4 years old, is more adventurous than I am. Considering all the crazy things I’ve done in my life, I think she’s a lot braver and  willing to try new things, especially if it means she’s gonna have loads of fun. A few months ago, a friend invited us to try a class with TropicalSwells Surf School at White Rock Beach Hotel + Waterpark in Matain, Subic.

(from L-R) My kids, Kristo and Audrey, with their friends.

Since my 11-year-old son has fallen in-love with open-water surfing (since the very first time he tried it almost two years ago), we didn’t see a reason why we shouldn’t give it a shot. We were both interested to see how different surfing in a wave pool is, compared to surfing ocean waves.

Since Audrey wants to do everything her brother does, she wanted in on it as well. I must admit, I was a bit nervous for my daughter as soon as I saw the wave pool. I think she was slightly scared as well, but the more I watched the surf coaches teach the other students that morning, the more I felt comfortable having both my kids give it a go.

Before they event hit the waves, they are taught everything they need to know.


My son jumped in as soon as it was his turn and showed he was determined to learn how to ride those waves. It was also a good opportunity for him to work on his paddling.  However, poor little Audrey seemed a little intimated, so it took her a while to get in the water. Instead of forcing her into the water, Jana, one of the partners of TropicalSwells Surf School, enticed Audrey by having her jump the waves in the shallow part of the pool. She made it look like so much fun, Audrey couldn’t resist her offer. As soon as she was comfortable and seemed to be enjoying the water, that’s when they had her get on a surf board. They had her sit on it first and pushed the surfboard, as if it were a tiny boat. Soon after, they had her stand on the board and taught her how to keep her balance. In true Audrey fashion, she looked very proud of herself as soon as she was up on that board with her arms outstretched. Seeing my son ride those waves and my daughter confident on a board really impressed me because I saw how their coaches patiently taught them that morning. I knew it wouldn’t be the last time they’d be on those waves.

audrey surf
So stoked that she was able to conquer her fear and get on the board!

Every single month after that trip, my kids would ask me when we’d go surfing again.  So, I was thrilled to tell them last week that we’re finally going back to White Rock Beach Hotel + Waterpark in Subic, and yes, they’re gonna take another class at TropicalSwells Surf School. They were both ecstatic, meanwhile, I started to get pretty nervous. You see, I promised myself that I would try it out the next time we’re given a chance to surf, and that day has finally come. Gulp.

SurfSimply’s Harry Knight once said, “In my experience over the years, there is no correct age to teach someone, and I have taught children as young as 2, and adults in their 70’s.”

Okay, if a 2-year-old and a 70-year old can learn it, so can I. Whew.

If you would like to try it out as well, TropicalSwells is excited to teach anyone interested, starting from 4 years old and up. Don’t worry, their instructors are equipped with life-saving skills and are ASI-certified.

They offer two programs. IntroSurf guarantees you’ll learn the basics of surfing in the wave pool in 2 hours. Meanwhile, SurfCamp is for those who want to take the sport seriously. From level zero, you’ll be surfing ocean waves in only six 2-hour sessions. For more information, please contact

I can’t wait to see how Audrey and Kristo are gonna do this time around. If you want to read about Kristo’s experience,  I’ve encouraged him to write about it here. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted and we’ll keep on writing about it until you give it a shot, too! Haha!

Oh, and to encourage you even more, TropicalSwells Surf School was nice enough to have me give this to you, dear reader, as a gift (and a gentle push into them waves!). Enjoy!

Just take a screenshot of this and you’re good to go! Oh, but don’t forget to schedule a class with them first.

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