Dogs, Fears and New Beginnings

Happy New Year from our family!
Happy New Year from our family!

Happy New Year dear reader! I don’t know about you, but yesterday I felt the magic of a brand new year. It felt like I was given a brand new journal to fill out. A fresh start. My husband says it’s a beginning of new cycle — hence the feeling of a new season. True, right? It’s like you’re given a license to ‘start over’ 🙂

So then I started thinking what I wanted to do different this year. Like a gazillion people all over the world, I wanted to live healthier this year. I needed to exercise regularly, like my husband. Now that we’ve got a DVD player and I’ve got a few workout DVDs, I no longer have an ‘excuse’ not to exercise. I could also start running around our community again because our toddler gets the whole concept that if I leave the house, for sure I’ll be back.

I was already in my jogging pants (not because I had planned on exercising on the first day of the year, but because it was cooler than usual the night before). I decided to run…um…err…brisk walk at 8pm. Little did I know, a number of people in our community decided to walk their dogs at 8pm too. Oh boy! My heart started racing really fast, not because of how I was walking but because….um…I’m scared of dogs.

I grew up thinking dogs would bite me and then I’d get loads of shots (which I’m terrified of too!). The only dogs I can be around are my in-laws’ dogs because they seem to like me and they are oh so calm and cool. But other dogs? Man, I’m shakin’ inside but I can’t show it because I don’t want my kids to grow up scared of dogs too. I wanted to go home after walking around the community once. But what was I gonna say to my husband who is such a dog lover? What message would that send to my kids about conquering one’s fear? Quit when you’re scared?!

Hope you have an awesome year!
Hope you have an awesome year!

So yes dear reader, I conquered my fear of dogs. I had too. Before I noticed the extra ordinary numbered of dogs out last night, I was praying. Then I got distracted and got all scared. Then I thought of all the possible horrible situations that could happen to me. Then I wanted to quit. Then I decided I couldn’t quit. I didn’t want to quit. Then I remembered what I’d always tell my eldest — when you’re scared, talk to God. So I did. My prayer went something like — “dear God, please don’t let any dog bite or eat me tonight” and then I kept on talking to Him and it took my eyes off them dogs.

What a message to start the year! I’ll come face to face with a lot of my fears this year, for sure. I can either hide inside my shell or I can keep on walking while talking to God. There’ll be a lot of crazy sounding prayers but I’ll be able to reach the finish line each and every single time. And hopefully I’ll lose a lot of unwanted baggage (and weight) in the process!!!


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