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The hundred peso question =)

If I got a peso every time someone asked me at the playground where my kids’ nanny was, I’d be able to buy a double cheeseburger meal at Mc Donald’s by the end of the week. =)

If I got a peso every time I answered a follow-up question like who cooks? who cleans? who does your laundry? who takes care of your kids when you do all that? …. then I’d be able to buy a Big n’ Tasty meal for me and my husband!

Now If I got a peso every time someone asked why my son isn’t in “school” and I explained what homeschool is, I’d be able to buy two kiddie meals as well! =)

Now if I got offered a hundred pesos to answer the question “so why aren’t you working?” or “what do you do?” as soon as they find out I stay at home all day with the kids, I’d hand them back their money and say ….”REALLY? You think I don’t do anything at home? For real? You think I sit on my couch and watch TV all day?!” Yup!  I’D SAY ALL OF THAT….IN MY HEAD, hehe. And here on my blog! haha! But really, I’d probably start answering “Oh, I do volunteer work. These are SOME of the things I do….

I cook, I teach, then there are days when I cook, teach and carry the little girl in one arm because she wants to see what I’m doing. When I need two hands to wash the dishes, I put her down and she heads to her toys to copy what I just did. That gives me time to breathe in and sprinkle whatever I’m cooking with love.

Lunch time comes with a prayer that our son eats fast and doesn’t spend two hours at the table. If I see it’s that kind of day, I discuss a lesson or read a story while he’s eating, and then the little one wants to be part of all the action again, so I’m back to perfecting the art of doing everything with one hand!

I must remember to watch the clock because if it’s more or less time for husband to wake up, I’ve got to get the kids to help to tidy up so he doesn’t wake up to a daycare/classroom on steroids and more!

Coffee then must be brewed with much joy so it adds a little something magical to the ten or fifteen minutes my husband and I spend drinking our coffee as we watch our son sing along to his favorite club penguin song or watch our daughter dance pretending she’s part of high five. My husband has taught me to take breaks during the day, and this is one those moments I look forward to every day.


When I’m sure our son is done with all his school work for the day, he’s off to meet up with his friends at the park. Around the same time, our daughter is ready for her nap. Again, another event I look forward to because I get to breastfeed her and watch her become a baby all over again!

Now I know this would seem like the perfect time to put my feet up and watch a noon time tele-drama or watch the re-run of the show I missed the night before, but reality is, it’s the perfect time to wash the dishes and “tidy up” — all while I look outside to see where our son is and to peek in the room if our daughter isn’t about to fall off the bed. But it’s all good because I get to spend time hugging my husband without our daughter squeezing her way to stand in between us!

If it’s a good day, we take our daughter to the park right across our unit, but before we head out, I pull out whatever needs defrosting for dinner. Okay, the day is almost over. Sun please set so the kids can be put to bed!


The next hour is magical  coz we’ll get to watch our little girl pick flowers, touch leaves and point at kids’ shoes at the playground. We’d also see our son ride his bike or run as fast as he can while he and his friends play tag.


After that picture perfect hour, I am desperate for Disney Junior to help me entertain our toddler while I spend a little time with my husband, prepare dinner and go online too =) Then dinner and bath time happens and my husband is usually ready to leave for his gig. It never fails to amaze me when I realize that I’m the only adult left in the house responsible for these two beautiful kids. I’m all grown up. *gulp*


Alas! They’re in la la land…. I finally get to watch my favorite TV shows while I wash the dishes, sweep the floor (and on certain days mop it too), sort out clean laundry (which we have done for us  because doing the laundry and ironing is kryptonite to my special juggling powers!). When the house is tidy and ready to welcome my husband home, I start working on the script I’ve been assigned for the week. Drama lines, on…until at least I can keep my eyes open and brain functioning.

My mind is always willing but the body isn’t able, but when it is, I stay up to wait for my husband because I look forward to our tight, long hugs which usually mean, “we made it through the day.”


I head on to bed and end my day the way I started it, talking to God. It’s the only reason why each day is as special as it is. It’s the only reason why I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do.”

To some, the thought of staying home and staying with your kids, even if you have a college degree and a career is such a waste. Other can’t believe it doesn’t bore me to insanity! Truth is, I wouldn’t exchange any of this for anything right now. Our kids are only children once. Soon, they’ll be off somewhere with their friends. Then they’ll start their own journey and have their own families. Then hopefully they’ll come and visit because they want me to cook their favorite dishes or have something fixed. When that season is finally here, I’ll be ready to serve them like I always have because I know exactly how they like things done! Oh, they just better make sure when they call, I’m not busy exploring the world with their dad. =)


So to you who asked “so why aren’t you working?” — umm…. does that answer your question? (INSERT BIG SMILE HERE)


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