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On Great Finds: Pediatrician, homeopathic remedies and a few things parents should know

As parents, we’re always on the lookout for awesome finds for our kiddie winkles. One of my greatest ‘finds’ is our pediatrician, Dr. Cricket Palanca-Chen. Kristo, my seven year old, was already 4 and a half or 5 years old when our friends told us about her. Kristo had been suffering from a series of tummy aches and his tummy was huge (and no, it wasn’t even a fat belly!). We went to two hospitals, he was given meds but his tummy was still pretty big and it still hurt. 😦

On that first visit Dr. Cricket asked all about his diet. She had us eliminate milk and gave us a few homeopathic remedies which are normally based on natural ingredients.  (For more info http://abchomeopathy.com/homeopathy.htm ).

Within days we saw a huge improvement — it was just gas because he was drinking too much milk for his age! (maximum is 2 glasses from 2 years old onward because our tummy can’t handle more than that.) We returned a few months later because Kristo had a fever that was on its 3rd day. Instead of asking us to get tests done right away, she had me wait it out for another 2 days and had us take another homeopathic remedy. She said she wasn’t worried because she pointed put how Kristo was playing with the toys in her clinic. If it were something serious, he wouldn’t be able to play the way he did. True enough, fever was gone the next day.

Dr. Cricket Palanca-Chen practices both conventional and natural medicine. It’s exactly what I was looking for `coz I grew up not taking meds as soon as I get a cold or a fever. Dad was a firm believer in letting the body heal naturally and I wanted that for my kids too and yey, I finally found a pediatrician who doesn’t give me a drug prescription just because my child has a runny nose!

Homeopathic Remedies our kids take: Allium Cepa for runny nose, Pulsatilla for yellow colds and Chamomilia to help the kids sleep 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised to find an article on going natural in the October issue of Smart Parenting. It was an interview with Dr. Cricket. I’m glad I saw this article coz she’s discussed a number of these items with us but I wasn’t able to take note of it. Anyway, if you weren’t able to read that issue, here are a few things we need to remember:

– Don’t give your child cough suppressants. Give him something to expectorate phlegm. Even if he swallows it, his body will get rid of it as waste.

– If the cough comes with fever, then it is an infection and would require medicine.

– Cough is bacterial if there’s high-grade fever that lasts for more than three to five days. The child doesn’t eat as much and only wants to sleep.

– Cough is viral if fever usually lasts only three to five days and child starts to get better on his own by the third day. Viral infections are very self-limited. You can wait them out without having to take medicines – the antibiotics will not help.

Fever is your body’s way of killing germs inside the body. It is not the enemy. Your body increases its thermostat to fry the germs and prevent them from multiplying. If you kill the fever, bacteria would multiply and the illness would be prolonged because your body’s defense mechanism is down. But if the fever is high, give paracetamol because there’s the danger of having convulsions. To bring the fever down, give sponge baths or food that’s cooling.

– When your child has a cold, he has so much cold energy or lamig in his body. Anything warming is helpful, such as steaming, wrapping a scarf or blanket around him (yup, we do this!), applying a cold rub like Vicks on the throat area to increase blood circulation.  Also feed your child warming food like hot soup with garlic, onion and ginger. Don’t give him milk; it increases phlegm, makes the mucus stickier and makes the throat more painful. Don’t give him sugary food too, because they form puss in the throat.

Hope those tips help you as much as it’s been helping me. If you’d like to set an appointment with Dr. Cricket Palanca-Chen, she holds clinic at Room
539 Medical Arts Building St. Lukes Medical Center Global City and Medical Plaza Makati. Here’s her assistant’s number: (0927) 987 7079

There are three other great things I love about her which you might want to know.

  • She’s a breastfeeding advocate (we skipped one immunization coz I exclusively breastfeed and that was just as good as that particular vaccine!).
  • She replies to text messages EVEN IF your question is super simple!!! 🙂
  • AND she has super cool and funky shoes — now that makes our pedia visits even better, don’t you think? 🙂
Article in Smart Parenting on Going Natural. It’s an interview with our pediatrician Dr. Cricket Palanca-Chen

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