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Preparing them to fly

As parents, we are our kids’ first teachers. We have that incredibly important responsibility to teach them, rear them and prepare them for when it’s time to let them go and discover this amazing life they were meant to live, with us parents, on the sidelines. I keep on telling our son Kristo that we’re training him for those moments when my husband and I and his dad aren’t around. I say that with a sorta heavy heart, because as a mom, I want to keep my kids as close to me as possible and treat them like my babies forever… BUT…that isn’t the design. *sigh* So the best next thing to do is to load them up with everything they’d need to know for that moment when they’re supposed to fly out of our nest and soar into this wonderful world.

That said, in this limited time that they’re in our nests, we have to think about the utmost important things we need to teach them. Last week I watched a video which made me say to myself “This is something we need to teach our kids about every single day.” As a believer in Jesus Christ, I have to admit, I am guilty of the fact that I haven’t really given much time to really learn as much as I can about this great man Jesus.     You know how kids (and well, most of us really) love super heroes? If there’s one person our kids need to look up to the most and see as a hero, it’s got to be Jesus. Why? Well, I will answer that in the blogs to come.

For now, I leave you with this video I saw last week which made such an impact on me, as a believer and yes, as a parent.

Click on this link, I promise it’ll be worth your time, specially if you are a believer in Jesus too!


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