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Kristo the vegetarian

“how would you feel if you were the animal and you’d have to be killed and eaten?” Kristo, our 7 year old asked. To which I replied, “let’s ask your papa” because I didn’t know what to say. Rommel and I then tried to explain the food chain to him. We even told him about how there are stories in the Bible where God told the people to sacrifice animals and eat a portion of that animal. We kept on assuring him that it was not wrong to eat meat from animals. By that time he was already teary eyed, then after staring at the meat on his plate for 15 mins, he broke down. That’s when I knew he was serious.

He told me that he understands the food chain and all, and even if it’s not wrong to eat meat from animals, he finds it so hard to accept that animals have to die just so humans have something to eat. As he hugged me, he cried as if the meat on his plate was a pet he had so lovingly taken care of. (It could also have been tears of sadness as he bid adieu to corned beef and fried chicken he’s always enjoyed). Yup, he’s serious.

Kristo’s been telling us for the past few months that he wants to be a vegetarian but we kept on telling him that he needs protein because he’s a growing boy. I would purposely cook an all meat meal so he wouldn’t have a choice but to eat meat…but i guess tonight, he wanted to make sure we understood that he’s serious about his stand. He even made a “no to killing animals” poster.


Sooooo…I welcome all yummy veggie recipes! Send them over and I’ll tell you how our little vegetarian likes it! 🙂


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