See You Later, Growth Spurt!

Our baby girl is two months old! Wooohoooooo! That ain’t the only reason I’m (virtually) screaming my heart out. I’m ecstatic because we just came out of Audrey’s growth spurt (at least for this month). Whew!


It seems like just a couple of weeks ago when our baby girl was so fragile at 5 pounds 1 ounce, but 3 or 4 growth spurts later, we’ve suddenly (and yes, I do mean suddenly) got this little solid chubby cheek cutie pie. Several times we’ve said throughout the 2 months “she wasn’t that big last night, what happened?!” Growth spurt. That’s what happened. And yes, lots of changes overnight!

A few days ago we noticed how unusually fussy our baby girl was. She was extra clingy and she wanted to feed almost every hour when typically she’d stick to her 2-3 hour feeding schedule. She was also up throughout the night when usually she’s able to sleep through the night except to feed once or twice. My husband and I were getting really frustrated and tired. It was all so unusual. Then my husband said it could be yet another growth spurt.

As soon as we confirmed that it was another growth spurt, things changed. Audrey was still fussy, clingy and unbelievably hungry BUT my husband and I changed. From being frustrated and tired we became extra understanding and caring. Knowing what’s happening helps keep one’s sanity in times like these, don’t you think?

If you’d like to know more about growth spurts, this is site that helped me most:


Hope it helps you like it helped us! 🙂 Happy growing!


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