I Recommend

{I Recommend} 100% Natural Baby Nasal Spray

A few days ago we noticed that our baby girl’s nose was clogged and it made feeding and nap/sleeping time so difficult. Our doctor told us to irrigate her nose with Sterimar baby nasal spray.

Oh the thought of it didn’t excite me one bit. Nasal spray? Yuck! Poor baby….but…we trust Dr. Cricket Palanca-Chen, our pediatrician, who always recommends natural meds and always trusts the body to do what it’s supposed to.

I was pleasantly surprised to see what Sterimar is. Want to take a guess what it’s  made of?

Sterimar baby nasal spray is a seawater microdiffusion.  Yes, it’s seawater  plus purified water! It’s 100% natural! Yey!

I did a bit of research on Sterimar and according to http://mummymanda.com:

It cleanses and clears nasal passages, relieves blocked noses caused by colds, allergies or rhinitis. Sterimar Baby is anti-histamine-free, steroid-free and has no preservatives or additives. It is extremely gentle and has no known side effects. It works by naturally moisturises nasal passages and softens hardened mucus therefore improving breathing for better feeding and sleeping.

It’s so easy to use. All you’ve got to do is put the tip of the nozzle in baby’s nostril and press on the trigger. The spray is so gentle our baby rarely cries whenever we have to irrigate her nose. My husband and I tried it right after we sprayed our baby girl for the first time and it cleared up our noses for sure. It  felt really good too. 🙂

I’m guessing that right about now some of you may be wondering about the price of seawater in a can. Well, I think its a bit pricey at PhP665 (at Mercury Drugstore) BUT it’s so worth it. It’s helped our baby girl breathe better  specially during feeding time even if she still has a pretty bad cold.

I highly recommend Sterimar to all you mommies and daddies. Don’t worry, this isn’t a paid blog  🙂 I just really like the product and a discovery this good is always worth sharing! 🙂


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