“Our children are our mirrors”

I wrote this November 25, 2011 in my housewifeinthecity blog


My son was in taekwondo class. I had nothing to do while waiting coz I forgot to bring a book (yet again). I decided to check out the bulletin board, at least that was something to read (at least for a few minutes.) So there was a life skills class happening in the same building and it was open to all homeschooling parents… was about respect. Perfect. Just what I needed! Might as well spend 30 minutes or so learning from other parents, coz I’m sure most (if not all) families have had to deal with respect issues….and at home, well, we’ve been addressing exactly that — RESPECT — for the past couple of weeks.

When I got to the class they were almost done, but I think I got there just in time.  The mom who was giving the talk shared a powerful line that left me thinking all day…

“HOW we teach is WHAT we teach them.” 

Wow…..   Oh wow…. Ouch….

As if that wasn’t enough, (God really knows exacty how to talk to me!) I bumped into another homeschooling mom (who’s been at it for at least a decade!).  I shared a few things my son and I were struggling with and none of those issues were about academics — but it did affect it somehow….it was more of character issues, it was about the heart. I thought it was about my son’s heart. I was wrong. *gulp*

All she had to say was:

“Our children are our mirrors”

<inhale>pause<exhale> They just reflect what they see…..

Ouch. Again.

And then she said… “that’s the beauty of homeschool… (and parenting in general) it’s a journey that will help teach not only the child, but even the parents, who they are and what they are. It’s about learning from each other, its about realizing what we did wrong and apologizing  as we all learn and help each other be better people.” 

How amazing is God’s design?!?!?!

Anyway, just thought I’d share those two bitter but extremely healing pills I’ve been chewing on all day. Just as it helped me today, I hope it’ll help at least one parent out there.

*WARNING: It may take a while for us (parents) to admit that those two pills are for real. Just saying. :)


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