I’ve moved back in!

I’m back! I’m home! The past year and a half I’ve attempted to maintain two new blogs — our wedding blog and my housewife and a mom blog, but well, it wasn’t really working. A part of me was missing this blog….so….I’m back!

I’ve transferred all the blogs I wrote in those two blogs I’d love for you guys to check out and you’ll see that as you scroll down.

So yeah, I’M BACK!!! 🙂 If you used to read this blog, yes, I’m still gonna talk loads about my son who is now 7 years old! Oh how time flies! AND I’m not just gonna talk about him this time……coz I got married in 2010 and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last month! Yey! So lotsa marriage talk and baby talk coming right up! 🙂

Hope you enjoy my new and improved playground (and life!) 🙂


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