We’re married!!!

I wrote this December 13, 2010. 🙂 

The countdown is over and well…now to fill you in on the details of our Big Day! It was a beautiful Sunday. God blessed us with a clear sky and a spotlight care of Mr. Sun all throughout the ceremony! Here are a bunch of our favorite wedding photos by our friends plus a few side stories too!

Three hours before the ceremony, I asked everyone in our hotel room for a bit of time so I could finally write my vows. I was…shaking! So much to say and well, so little paper and ok, time.

You know how some girls walk in with their absolute dream wedding gown in mind when they talk to their designer? Well, that was not me. I just knew that I wanted a deep back gown, or ok, just something that revealed a bit of my back and nothing big. Everything else was up to my designer, THE  Kate Torralba, she is the expert after all! So the very first time we met, she had me tell her our love story and then in less than 20 minutes she showed me what she came up with and I loved it! It was soo…!

And….my son Kristo’s suite and tie was totally him too! If you’re ever in need of cool formal wear for boys, check out Modern Prince at SM Department Store. Super nice stuff and the prices are really good!!!

While we were taking our sweet time at the hotel, my groom was busy preppin’ too! Check out how dashing my husband is!!!!!

Photo by Ailene Ponce

I honestly didn’t expect the garden to look this pink….I love it!!! (Note to my husband: honest, I didn’t tell the supplier to use this much pink! But you got to admit, it’s pretty!!!!!)

Here’s more pink for ya! Rory, our coin sponsor, gave us an espresso set and used one of the cups (the pink one of course) for the coins to be used during the ceremony which are from her family’s coin collection! Thank you Morales family!!!

As for the ladies of our entourage, we had them wear any long black dress they wanted and then gave them specially made black and white rings by Shing Handcrafted Accessories plus a string of fuchsia sequence which they played around with for their hair! They all looked absolutely stunning! Oh and their bouquets — Aster (angel’s breathe) from Dangwa bundled up with Fuchsia ribbon! Yey for DIY!!!!

But..but..but…my bouquet is NOT DIY! It was specially made by my sisters in law Rovie and Redge!!! YEY!!!! Thank you!!!!! It’s gorgeous!

We loved the whole ceremony but here are them moments that really stood out:

Photo by Sherry Quinley

The cord and veil used during the ceremony are 40 years old! My friend from work was gracious enough to lend us the veil and cord used at her wedding many moons ago! Thank you Mommy Luz!

Photo by Sherry Quinley

Our Best Man Nikki Cabardo (keyboard) and our Maid of Honor Aia de Leon did an awesome version of Hillsong’s In The Deep of Your Grace for communion! Thank you!!!!!

Photo by Sherry Quinley

It’s always so beautiful when Rommel and I pray together! I love how we can both sit down and just relax and talk to our Father.

Photo by Sherry Quinley

The unity sand. A lot of friends mentioned that at this point they were either teary eyed or crying already. We love how Kristo was super serious about holding the glass container properly, staring at how we mixed the blue and pink sand! What a family moment, ey?

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us before and during the wedding! Please continue to keep us in prayer!

Photo by Sherry Quinley

Another highlight we were both so excited about was our cake! Yes, it’s a warwick bass guitar! And yes, that’s Kristo sliding down the cake! This rockin’ and delish creation by Karla Magbanua of ClayCakes!

Photo by Tat Suzara

Our extremely happy Kristo with a bit help from the chocolate fountain he kept going back to! This was taken while Rommel was playing with one of his bands, Happy House!

So…..yey! We’re married and very happy!!! :) We hope you liked the photos and stories as much as we enjoyed sharing it!


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