Our story :)

I wrote this May 30, 2010 for our wedding blog. Since I’m transferring most of my blogs here, I thought I’d include our story.

I don’t remember when and where Rommel and I were introduced to each other but I’m pretty sure that it was about 6 years ago and since then it was really more of “hi, hello, how are you” at gigs and that was it….until…

We bumped into each other again after a long time at Pinoy Soul Movement’s anniversary which was also our common friend’s birthday. It was a Thursday night. We started chatting over sushi and that pretty much started us off talking almost all night.

Of all the nights that my car would break down, it happened that night, so i only took a cab going to the gig. He offered to drive me home, he asked for my number and said we should have coffee sometime. (and in my head I was like, yeah, sure, i’ve heard that before..but deep down i was really wishing he would text)

The next day, he asked me out for coffee (for Monday) and well, he was texting thruout the weekend and was asking about stuff I mentioned when we were talking Thursday night…he was paying attention to all the details I mentioned in my stories. I was really impressed.

Anyway, over dinner monday night (coffee turned into dinner) we talked about soooo many things and we just connected on soooo many levels and after dinner I just knew that he IS “the one”. Without a shadow of a doubt. Absolultely no uncertainty, he’s the one. But ofcourse I just kept it to myself.

Then while we were having dessert, he just looked me in the eye and said, in the most sincerest tone “you’re the one. this is it” and I knew exactly what he was talking about.

We both couldn’t help but be in awe of how God orchestrated everything. How He made everything so simple. Rommel and I were both so tired of mind games and all… tired of being defrauded and all… and that Monday night, it was as simple as it could get…. he said that he will love me from that day on and after he said that we both read 1 corinthians 13 and read what love is…and after we did, I decided that I will love him too, based on what the Bible says, because I just knew, for sure, that this is really really it.

My golly, it IS true and you cannot deny it. It’ true what they say that You really will just know if the person is “the one” :)

The day after we told most, if not all our closest friends about what happened and every single person we told sent us such an encouraging reply and the common reaction was — ‘it makes sense. your combination just makes perfect sense’ so many friends were like, ‘why didn’t we think of this?‘ There was favor and joy and excitement EVERYWHERE!!! God just prepared EVERYTHING!!!


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