Officially a Housewife

I wrote this August 30, 2011 for my housewife blog. Thought I’d move everything to this blog. Easier that way, right? 

Career shift. Big time. And it starts today.

In college, a couple of classmates asked me what my career goal or biggest dream was. Oh, I remember that day. We were eating at Wendy’s along Dapitan (black gold, black white!) and I remember saying I want to be a mother and a housewife. I’m sure to some of them it didn’t make sense, but for me, it was THE ULTIMATE GOAL and today I get to start living that dream in full and more.

You see, I grew up with a mom who was a full blown housewife. She did EVERYTHING and she was wonderful at it! I remember how she’d proudly say “housewife” whenever anyone asked her what she did, like it was the greatest job in the world (and it is, really!). I saw her cook with joy, clean the house, do the groceries (and shop!) dragging us everywhere she went, do the laundry and iron clothes as she sang along to Elvis Presley’s album. She had the liberty to stay at home and take care of us because my dad wanted to provide for our every single need and want and he made it clear when he married mom that he didn’t want her to work at all. Fair enough. My dad knew how tough my mom’s life was before she met him. Mom worked so many tough jobs like selling your favoritekakanin in Tondo, she did the laundry for many households and worked as a domestic helper in Hong Kong so she could provide for her five kids. Taking all that into consideration, plus because my dad worked a good job at a big airline company, my dad treated mom like a queen and took care of my 5 siblings as if they were his own. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve said I want to be like her. The goal was and still is to to take care of my husband and kids, the way mom took care of our family.

So did I end up working after graduation? Yup, five days after graduation to be exact and I only stopped working for about a year because my pregnancy was delicate and because I went abroad to give birth. But when my little boy was 5 months old, I started working again. I was not able to see his first steps. I wasn’t there for his first christmas eve too, because if I missed work, I’d get fired – and obviously I chose work (stupid decision really). I didn’t know his favorite color for the longest time and had to call his nanny just to ask. Again, I was too busy. Hayayay. I had to work non-stop because I was a single mom. `Nuff said yeah?

Now that I am married to a wonderful, amazing, incredible man – I too, am blessed with such a privilege to stay at home and take care of my family full time. This was one thing my husband and I talked about when we were still dating. If we were gonna build a family, he had to know my biggest, wildest dream — to be a housewife. Obviously he was more than okay about it because he too wanted a stay at home wife because its what he saw growing up. We both agreed that we didn’t want any househelp too, so it made perfect sense. We knew it was gonna be tough, but we knew if we helped each other with the chores — we’d be ok. (yes, he helps with chores! I told you he’s awesome! Note to men: helping at home = a gazillion pogi points!)

So does that mean I just do house chores all day and watch TV in between? Does that mean I don’t help my husband pay the bills but I shop `til I drop?! I’ll talk about that and more soon. For now, I shall celebrate — because starting today, I will be living my life long dream, relishing each moment a day at a time.


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