Kristo on Rommel

I wrote this June 25, 2010 for our wedding blog. 

As most of you know, Kristo is my five and a half year old son. He loves his Tito Rommel. He says so a lot so I’d like to share some of those conversations I’ve had with him about Rommel:
(Kristo calls Barney “tito Rommel” so for this blog, we’ll call Barney – Rommel)

On the night Rommel proposed as Kristo and I were in a cab going to his gig. It was just me and him. Kristo asked out of the blue…

Kristo: Mom, why are you marrying tito rommel?
Owie: We’re getting married because we love each other.
Kristo: Are you sure? (with the tone of a dad asking a daughter that same question!)
Owie: Yes, I’m sure.
Kristo: Good, because I love him too.

The other night I asked my brother to send Rommel a message about something. Kristo was in the room and he said out of the blue..

“Tito Rommel is mommy’s boyfriend” — he said that with a sweet teasing tone! super cute :)

When I got home from work last night..

Kristo: Mom, can you stick my drawing on our wall? please?
Owie: Ok, but why do you want this on the wall?
Kristo: So when Tito Rommel comes home, he can see it! (then he smiles like he’s super proud of his drawing)

Actually, most of the stuff stuck on our wall is “for tito rommel to see when hecomes home

After study time, Kristo asked (again — `coz he asks me this question about twice a week)..

Kristo: Mom, are you and tito rommel married already?
Owie: Not yet Kristo. Don’t worry, you’ll be there. You’ll know.
Kristo: Ok. When you’re married and we have our own house na, can we go camping? You, Tito Rommel and Me! With marshmallows.

Lastnight before going to bed..

Owie: Kristo, what’s your favorite part of the day?
Kristo: My favorite is when u and Tito Rommel get married
Owie: Why?
Kristo: Because I’m happy if you and tito rommel get married.

A big hug follows that conversation then he follows up with……

Kristo: Mom, may I ask you a question?
Owie: Sure
Kristo: How old are you?
Owie: 28
Kristo: Malapit na birthday mo? (Is your birthday coming up?)
Owie: Yeah, in 2 months
Kristo: Oh no, I don’t have a gift for you!
Owie: It’s ok
Kristo: Wait, I have a gift na for you. Guess!
Owie: Um, Tito Rommel is your gift for me?!
Kristo: Mom! You already have him!

*I blush at that point*


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