my curves goal, gas and chicken joy

Just when I thought NOTHING could stop me from going to the gym….boom! One thing after another blocked my way 😦 Hello realities of being a single working mommy and a soon-to-be-wife! Just when I was building that momentum of working out in the morning, my son Kristo got the flu the first 3 days of the week, then my fiance Rommel got the flu the second half of the week!  The week after I caught the flu and a really bad cold didn’t leave me til a week ago!!! (the perks of having a ‘big’ nose!!!) 😦 Then came the demands of the job — deadlines were piling up and I had to get to work early to get home early to help Kristo with his homework!

Just when I felt that I was well enough to go to the gym (and well safe enough not to pass on my super infectious cold!), I had to rush Kristo to the emergency room last week. It was a tummy problem. It started two weeks ago that he would always have to go to the loo. I assumed it was because I was had him take a de-worming drink, but when it went over 5 days, I started to get a bit worried. What added to it was his teacher told him that he had to go to the loo around 3 times throughout class hours! When his tummy hurt Thursday morning, I had to change from my gym clothes to something more hospital friendly. When we got to the E.R. of Makati Medical Center, the doctors had a tummy x-ray done, which showed that it was all gas! The reason why he had to go to the loo often was because his tummy is soooo full of gas, all the movement inside his belly is slow! So they gave him meds to get air out asap – and so we thought that was that!

Kristo enjoying his ride to the xray room

The next morning, Kristo’s tummy was finally flat again! Finally! Success, the meds worked! Or…so we thought! An hour after I got to the office, Kristo’s teacher called and said Kristo’s tummy is hurting bad and that his tummy is big and that he wants to go home. So I had someone pick him up and as soon as they got home (thank God we only live two streets away from the school!), I was told that he was really pale and dizzy. Hearing that, this mommy panicked and rushed home to take him to the E.R. of a hospital in Makati.

When we got there, the same doctors were there and they were surprised to see us. I told them that when Kristo got home his tummy was super big and only got a bit smaller after he went to the loo before going to the hospital. A different doctor checked him this time and she had blood tests done.  As we were waiting for the results, the doctors told me that it would be best if we stayed the night so he could be observed.

We don’t have a medical card, so saying yes to staying a night or two at the hospital requires a lot of thinking on my end, specially since he isn’t throwing up or he doesn’t have a fever or anything like that. BUT because we didn’t know what was causing this, I finally said yes.

When I was taking care of the admission papers, the first thing I did was to check the room rates. Ok, I figured it was within budget, not bad, for a small private room it was less than 3,000. So I was kinda expecting to budget about 10-12 thousand if ever we stayed the night. Ok, I guess I could find the money for that. The admission officer was really nice, all smiles actually, then he asked me to check all of Kristo’s details in what he had just printed. Everything looked right, so I signed it. As I handed him the paper, he said “oh by the way, we’d like to inform you that we will be asking you for a down payment”…so I go, ok, how much is it? (brace yourself!) he said “22 thousand” THEN MY JAW DROPPED.

22 thousand?! How did that happen? He said it was a CONSUMABLE deposit. Again, I asked him, “how did that happen?! You didn’t say anything about a 22 thousand deposit” Then he showed me the paper I just signed, and encircled the part that said “I/We agree to pay the down payment blah blah blah” Then I looked at him and said “but it doesn’t say anything that it’s 22 thousand!” Then he said, “well, let’s check how much you’re bill is already in the emergency room.” Then the system hung.

At that point I left him and went to check on Kristo who was sleeping alone in our little area in the emergency room. I spoke to the doctors and told them that I don’t have 22 thousand. If it looked like a total emergency, I would do my best to find the money – but looking at Kristo who was peacefully enjoying the airconditioned room, I had to make a practical decision. Plus, all the test results came out normal. So we pulled out. I was thinking of taking him to a different hospital, a smaller one, but I had to wait for my fiancé who was on his way. It was another big decision.

As we left the hospital they told us not to feed Kristo anything until we see another doctor, since his tummy hurt the last time he ate.  It was already around 3pm at that time and Kristo kept on telling me and Rommel that he was hungry and he wanted chicken joy at Jollibee. So was it admitting him in a different hospital – which again to be honest, we no longer had enough budget for – or was a chicken joy meal plus the toy the answer?! Rommel and I took a huge leap of faith that afternoon when we trusted that God’s got Kristo covered and that he is healed and he’s ok. He looked really alert anyways,  jumping up and down as he would chant “chicken joy! Chicken joy!” as we were standing outside the hospital.
We gave in. We went straight to Jollibee to pray and eat – big time. Rommel was also making calls to ask friends for advice. Before we left Jollibee, his friend said he could help hook us up with specialists at the Veteran’s Hospital. We were also assured that it didn’t sound like an emergency based on the test results. After that meal, it was as if Kristo wasn’t lying in a hospital bed earlier that day. That was a Friday.

Monday, we went to see a really awesome pediatrician at Veteran’s and doing a thorough check, plus looking at all the test results and the x-ray, she said it was just gas. Whew! There was nothing to worry about in the first place!  No need for meds even! All we needed was to know what types of food are gassy then do change his diet if needed. Plus, YAKULT!!! That was that!

Mommies and Daddies, here’s a tip from the awesome pediatrician we spoke to, as well from the parents I spoke:  GAS! It happens all the time. It’s something kids have to go thru! Don’t worry 🙂

Best way to deal with it: Hot water bag on the tummy, yakult and have them tilt a certain way. That’ll do the trick! Oh, and frequent trips to the toilet (to poop) is fine, as long as you keep them hydrated.


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