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Kristo the songwriter

Last night during study time, I tried to teach my five year old Kristo the Skidamarink song. (Skidamarink a dinky dink, Skidamarink a doo, I – love – you!) After I sang it he said “Wait mom, let’s make music” and then he ran to get his pencil case and took out two of his pencils. Then he lined up our pillows, and it seemed like he was trying to make a make shift drum kit. He then looked at me and said “sing mom! sing the skidamarink” so I did. A few lines into the song he started drumming away on our pillows!

After Skidamarink, we thought of singing “billy jean” (one his fave MJ songs, I don’t know why). Right after Billy Jean, he said “Mom, we should practice for the concert” and I’m like, “what concert?!” and he said “my concert!” hhhmmm…ok. Then he said, “we should sing MY SONG!” and I asked which song of course. He sang a part of the song to me and I’m like…wow! It was the same song he sang months and months ago while we were stuck in traffic. He said he made that song. He sang it again a couple of months ago and said the same thing, that he composed the song. So i said, cool, let’s do it, except I don’t know all the lyrics. 😦 So he said let’s write it down! When I was ready with my pen and paper I asked him to sing it so I could write down the lyrics and he said “no. write this.” In the air he drew a G-clef! So I wrote a G-clef on the paper and he said “there! that’s it!” and then he asked me to write lines…ok, so if you have no idea about what I’m talking about it looked something like this:

Part of a music sheet

Then he started drawing notes in the air and I just lost track of what he was drawing in the air coz there were notes everywhere! Haha! At that point I told him that I’d just take his video so I have a copy of his song and I can study it. Here’s the song I’ve been talking about on video!

(I know it’s dark, but you can hear him and see him a bit. I totally forgot to switch on the lights in the room! Enjoy!)


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