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MommyOwie and Kristo on Full Time Moms!

taking a break from studying our lines

My son Kristo and I got to be part of Full Time Moms, a TV show on a local network here in the Philippines! It was a feature on the Science Discovery Center at SM Mall of Asia. This was Kristo’s first TV appearance AND our first ‘on screen project’ together. It was such a treat too `coz the Science Discovery Center is one of Kristo’s fave places coz he loooooooves Science! Remember his birthday field trip? (click here to check that out!)

Talking to Kristo after the shoot, he said he enjoyed it, which is important, `coz I would never want to force him to do something like this if he didn’t want to. He picked up a bunch of new terms that day but my favorite is “take na tayo?” (is it a take? are we rolling?)

Just in case you didn’t get to watch it, a friend got to record it for us so I’ve got the whole clip on this blog! (thanks Tat!) But before you check out the video, here are a few behind-the-scene photos from that fun shoot!

Special thanks to Redge Estrada and Rovie dela Cruz for helping us get that gig and to the staff of Full Time Moms, thank you! It was a great experience! 🙂

OK, here’s that video clip I promised you!


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