Turn bath time whining to bath time giggling!

Does it take forever to get your kid in the bathroom for a shower? Do you have to drag them and do they end up crying and whining? I had that problem with my son Kristo too! For the longest time I was trying to ‘figure out’ what was wrong.. It took me a while to realize that it could be because of this scenario:

I used to be “too busy” that I took for granted the ‘simple little things’ I could do with my son, Kristo. We used to rush to get out of the house in the morning, so I’d leave it up to my nanny to give Kristo a bath in the morning as I dressed up for work too. It was like that every single day.

No wonder.

Things changed BIG TIME when I started homeschooling Kristo. For sure, it was all about having a different mind set. I tell you, it changes EVERYTHING! I ‘stepped up’ and took responsibility in giving him a bath, and eventually teaching him how to take a bath by himself. We no longer needed to rush out of the house every morning, so we had the luxury of spending a few extra minutes in the bathroom. I used to be really uptight as well about the whole shower process — you shampoo, then scrub your body with soap, then brush your teeth – then dry up and get dressed. But as we spent almost every morning in the bathroom, Kristo reminded me that he is still a kid and he’s got such an active imagination — which I apparently lost for a while — and that we could actually have FUN while in the bathroom!

I slowly got it, and when I did, it really changed the dynamics of our relationship! Now, to play with the foam of the shower gel we use or to use the shower head as a water gun or as something to tickle him is normal for us! Oh…and allowing him to brush his teeth this way is now ‘acceptable’ to mommy owie!

I have allowed my son, to be a kid again…and he has encouraged me to use my imagination again. By spending time with him in the bathroom, while I still can, I believe I am also strengthening our bond, our relationship because he knows he can have fun with mommy too. I think that’s huge for a kid, and it’s huge for us parents too.

Bottom line is: mommies and daddies, please don’t take for granted the time you can enjoy with your kids in the bathroom. I don’t need research to back this up, all I needed to do to know this is important is ask my son. He confirmed and said that he has fun and that it is important to him. 🙂 THAT was enough to know. Let’s face it too, it’s so much better to hear giggling and laughing in the bathroom than crying and whining!

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