fun…fun…fun ranch

After my big announcement, I’m back with something for the mommies…and yes, daddies too! 🙂  School is about to start in a week or two (depends on which school your kid is going to), so here’s an idea for a fun summer activity for the family before the fun of waking up really early in the morning starts!

Spend the afternoon at Fun Ranch and invite a friend or two as well!! It’s double the fun for sure! That’s what Kristo, Rommel and I did last Sunday with friends Zion, Telay and Benjo.  Well, we were really there for our little friend Neo’s first birthday at Blue Whale Grill, but after the party, our boys Kristo and Zion wanted to check out the rides too! I wasn’t surprised at all, any kid would want to explore that place!

The first ride they checked out was the bumper boats right outside the entrance to Blue Whale Grill. 50 Pesos. Not bad `coz they were actually there for a bit. It seemed like 5 mins, more or less.

Zion, Benjo, Kristo and Rommel on bumper boats

Warning: The daddies said it made them kinda dizzy! So maybe it isn’t wise to get on this after you’ve had a big meal 🙂

Boys being boys, they ran to the bumper cars as soon as they were done with the bumper boats. There’s one on the ground floor BUT here’s a tip – go up to the second floor and there’s a better car ride…

Formula 1 Racing on the 2nd floor of Fun Ranch

Imagine kids racing in little race cars! BUT before you get all excited, try to check if your kid meets the height requirement before you even show this part of Fun Ranch to him (or her)…otherwise, a heartbreak awaits you and your kid! For a few seconds, my heart stopped as Kristo walked towards “the wall of truth”

He made it! whew!

As soon as the boys sat in their cars, helmets on…they suddenly looked all grown up! *sniff* Here’s a video of what you can expect your kids to enjoy at Formula 1 Racing:

For 50 pesos, this ride is impressive in my books. 🙂

After all that adrenaline rush, the boys were ready to have a go at aliens!!!

I still don’t understand this ride, to be honest. The ‘car’ is on a track, they go in and I think they’re supposed to shoot the ‘aliens’ they see inside. There’s a score board outside where parents wait but nothing was happening to the score board while they were inside. Kristo said his gun wasn’t working. For 50 pesos, I think it was a pretty short ride, BUT if the kids had fun, then it’s worth it.

The last ride these boys went on was the train that went around the second floor. It was a good ‘cool down’ ride, I think. BUT maybe this is something for the smaller kids to enjoy.

cooling down

Aside from lots of rides, Fun Ranch also has areas where kids can either play bowling or golf.  Since Kristo is really into watching and playing golf (on my cellphone!), he didn’t want to leave without trying out the ‘real deal’ – mini version, that is.


100 pesos for 9 fun holes isn’t bad at all. Making sure he got the ball in all the holes helped Kristo leave Fun Ranch with a sense of accomplishment. He was well pleased with himself, and with that, I was very happy.

If you’d like your kid to try out all of the rides at Fun Ranch, it’s best to ask about the ride-all-you-can deal. It could come out cheaper. BUT if you’re not really gonna spend a whole lot of time there, you can give your kid a limit, let’s say — 4 rides throughout the time you’re there. That way, they learn to prioritize the top 4 rides they really want to try out.

For more info on Fun Ranch, you can just search them on FaceBook for updates on their promos and events. You can also visit their website: There are also a bunch of restaurants there, just in case your tummy starts to grumble! Fun Ranch is at Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue corner C5 (near tiendesitas).

Hope you guys have a swell time if ever you go!


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