this is it!

When I was about to give birth to Kristo, I was brought to the birth center twice. Both were false alarms. I couldn’t understand it, I was fully convinced that I was in labor already. I was frustrated because all the signs I took note of were confirming that I was in labor like regular contractions, extreme pain (or so I thought), etc….but the midwives said I was just in early labor. Not really the real deal just yet, but it was leading there and it would still take a bit more time. They said I would just know when I’m really in full active labor.

They were right. After a week or two of waiting for the ‘real deal’ — it happened. Excruciating pain that was undeniably what the midwives were waiting for, regular contractions that were on the dot and then of course, our gorgeous baby! At that point I was able to tell the difference, I was able to say ‘this is it. this is really it’ — `coz I had something to compare it to.  It really was different. Very different from the first two.

After 5 years, I’m able to say again, without a doubt, this is it. 🙂

(i’ll probably share details soon) *wink*


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