Sweets, Valentine’s and dates!

“Sweets for my sweets, sugar for my honey…I’ll never ever let you go!”

(You can just let the song play as you read this blog! It’s THE perfect background song, I think!) 🙂

This 1961 song was playing in my head this morning! This mommy has a Valentine’s weekend hang over! Woohooo! Happy Valentine’s everyone!!! What did you guys do during the weekend? It was sort of a 3-day Valentine’s celebration for me this year.

Thursday night I went home with sweets for my sweet! Now before any of you start throwing rocks at me for giving my boy candy right before bedtime, hear me out. J It’s milk lollipop! I’m not normally brave to try out brands I’m not too familiar with, but Kristo is. So if there’s something new in the market and it catches Kristo’s eye, he tries it out and says point blank if he likes it or not. So for our little Valentine’s “celebration” I brought home Milkita lollipops, a brand I had no idea about until last week! Kristo loves acting on-cam lately, so I “filmed” his reaction.

Kristo just started a fascination for soy milk, so I’m guessing that’s why he said the Milkita lollipop tasted like soy milk. Seeing him finish his Milkita sooo fast, I had to try it too. I was very surprised `coz you know how when you eat a lollipop its usually really sweet? Milkita isn’t! I was quite impressed `coz my throat wasn’t sore after I ate it! So being the curious mom that I am, I looked up Milkita online to see what it’s about. I was surprised to find out that they were advertising it as “real milk candy” hhhmmm? For real? So I did a bit more research about them and found that it’s got calcium and it is low fat (wooohooo!) and it also has less sugar! (for more info, you can visit or look for Milkita Lollipops on facebook)

Just finding out that it has less sugar made me wish I had brought a bag of these lollipops to day 2 of my valentine’s weekend! The Edge Media celebrated Valentine’s differently this year thru First Love! We went to Bahay Kanlungan, an old folks’ home in Antipolo. It was an afternoon of dancing, singing, eating and just really spending time with women from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s!

Trying to sing for them...

Lola Epi

I was drawn to Lola Epi. She’s 87 and she was a world history teacher and she said she was sent to America by her doctor dad because she was starting to have suitors here in the Philippines. When someone started to court her in the state she was in, she moved to another state. That was Lola Epi’s love story…so before we left, she looked me in the eye and said, “Owie, get married. Don’t do what I did. Look, I’m an old maid.” Lola Epi reminds me of my grandma…. *sigh*

Day 3: Valentine’s Day. Spent the whole morning pampering myself and getting dolled up! First I met up with my friends. (I have to show you our photo, coz Josh rarely dresses up!)

With dressed-up Josh!

Then I met up with my favorite couple Ron and Joyce Titular and our friend Tom who’s flying back to the UK the day after we get back from New Zealand. We ate at Ebun, a Filipino resto we love taking our visiting friends to!

With Joyce, Ron and Tom

After dinner, Josh and the group (`coz they ate at Chili’s), and the four of us met up at Gelatissimo….it was delicioso!!!

At Gelatissimo, Greenbelt 5

After dessert, 4 of my guy friends and I decided to watch the movie Valentine’s Day – all sitting in different rows coz` by 10:30, those were the only available seats! 😦 BUT…it was a good movie and I think it was best for them, so I couldn’t see them cry or get teary eyed! haha! At the end of the night, the four of them walked me to my car… when I got home, I sent them a message and said, somehow I’m happy that I don’t have a boyfriend this Valentine’s coz I got to spend it with more than 1 great guy!

{DISCLAIMER: The last line doesn’t mean I’d rather remain single and have a few great guys as my date every Valentine’s. A nice dinner for two works for me too! 🙂 Just so you know *wink*}


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