Congratulations to Mommy Janie!


Last week I asked mommies to share stories of them praising their kids and to tell us what the effect was on her kid/s. I got a response from from mommy Janie! She wrote this as a response to my first ever book ‘contest’ 🙂

My daughter, being a transferee at Grade 2 and trying hard to fit it, managed to be in the top 3 for the first grading. Of course I was so proud of her. On the 2nd grading though, she missed doing assignments, got low quiz marks but still managed to remain at 3rd. At the time I knew about this lapse, I told her “It’s alright, we’ll study harder.” One day, on our way back home from my in-laws, we took the U.P route to Marikina. Then she animatedly commented how big U.P. is, how she would be studying there in college and asking me “I won’t be able to go here if I don’t do well in school, will I?”

I felt, for the first time since her transfer, the need to acknowledge her fears of being in a new environment. So I told her “Princess, I know you miss your old school and the new kids may not be treating you well. But I am so proud of you for still making it in the honor roll and for always showing me a brave front. And I am sorry if at times, I tend to push you hard to do well. If I get mad at you just tell me ‘Mom, you’re gonna have wrinkles’.” She gave me a sheepish smile. I continued, “I love you and I will always support whatever it is that you want to be when you grow up. I promise to always prepare your reviewers and study with you.”

She looked at me intently and hugged me, as she always does whenever we have a “serious talk”. In the days that followed I saw how she became the little teacher to her younger brother, how diligently she checks her school work, and eventually saw her name in the 2nd spot for the third grading.

I feel I am not being the best mom my children can have but I am doing my best. And everyday, I am lean on to my children on how be better.

by janie

Thank you very much for sharing your story! Hope you enjoy the book “How to Win Your Child’s Heart” as much as I did!


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