I’d like to give you a book! Read this to find out how!!!

After going out of town twice within the first month of the year AND  a major laptop scare, this mommy is back to blogging and back with a GIFT for another mommy!!! wooohooo!

Thank you OMF Literature!!!

My game plan when I’m out of town and away from my son Kristo for a few days is to read a parenting book.  It has always worked for me, because I somehow get a clearer perspective of what’s said in the book because  I think I  feel I’m outside the box, if you know what I mean. During my last trip, I read “How to Win Your Child’s Heart” for the second time. It’s a really short and easy read because it’s only about 100 pages.  This book is actually one of my favorite parenting books because it feels like the author Dr. Ruth Chang was just sitting with me by the beach, telling me stories about her family, about her tough times as a mom and she talks like a friend who gave as much tried and tested tips as she could, so that my relationship with my son would be even better when I came home.

One of my absolute favorite tips from the book is:  to get in the habit of hugging our kids! According to Dr. Chang, “physical touch can help parents bond with their children, no matter how old or young they are…. Appropriate hugging and touching is necessary for children to mature emotionally” It sounds so simple but sometimes we just need reminding. Something as simple as this can really help our children A LOT!

I also love how the book starts off by reminding us parents what our roles are. Don’t worry, it isn’t at all a list of do’s and don’ts…Nor will the book make you feel like you’re a bad parent! The author has been very honest to admit her mistakes too as a mom, which I think is inevitable in parenting — after all, our kids didn’t come with individual  instruction manuals!

I can go on and on and on about what the book says, but I don’t want to spoil it for the mommy who’s gonna be reading this book soon (in a bit you’ll find out why!).  For now, all I can share is that this book can help us parents “discover how we can bring up our children by remembering to PARENT — Praise, Accept, Respect, Empathize, Nurture and Train.”

I’ll share more from the book in the coming weeks, but for now, I’d like to give away my extra copy of  “How to Win Your Child’s Heart. 6 Ways to PARENTing with Confidence” 🙂 (Thank you to OMF Literature for this extra copy!)

Chapter 2 of the book talks about praising our kids. Dr. Chang said “the most important source of healthy self-esteem for children is positive feedback from parents” — I totally agree with the author! So, if you’d like be that mommy who’ll receive this book, please share a particular story of you praising your kid, tell us why you praised your kid and what your kid’s reaction was and if you saw its effect on him/her. You can do that by leaving a comment below this blog. I could make everything easier and say I’ll give the book to the first mom who shares her story, but I would really love to hear loads of stories from mommies about praising their kids! You’ve got today till the weekend to share your story and I’ll be back on Monday with my favorite praise story! (don’t worry, I’ll be sending the book via LBC so you really don’t need to do anything else except share your story and continue praising your kids!!!)

Happy praising and sharing mommies!!!


4 thoughts on “I’d like to give you a book! Read this to find out how!!!”

  1. My daughter, being a transferee at Grade 2 and trying hard to fit it, managed to be in the top 3 for the first grading. Of course I was so proud of her. On the 2nd grading though, she missed doing assignments, got low quiz marks but still managed to remain at 3rd. At the time I knew about this lapse, I told her “It’s alright, we’ll study harder.” One day, on our way back home from my in-laws, we took the U.P route to Marikina. Then she animatedly commented how big U.P. is, how she would be studying there in college and asking me “I won’t be able to go here if I don’t do well in school, will I?”

    I felt, for the first time since her transfer, the need to acknowledge her fears of being in a new environment. So I told her “Princess, I know you miss your old school and the new kids may not be treating you well. But I am so proud of you for still making it in the honor roll and for always showing me a brave front. And I am sorry if at times, I tend to push you hard to do well. If I get mad at you just tell me ‘Mom, you’re gonna have wrinkles’.” She gave me a sheepish smile. I continued, “I love you and I will always support whatever it is that you want to be when you grow up. I promise to always prepare your reviewers and study with you.”

    She looked at me intently and hugged me, as she always does whenever we have a “serious talk”. In the days that followed I saw how she became the little teacher to her younger brother, how diligently she checks her school work, and eventually saw her name in the 2nd spot for the third grading.

    I feel I am not being the best mom my children can have but I am doing my best. And everyday, I am lean on to my children on how be better.

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