remembering my big-belly days!

This post is a tad bit overdue…ok, fine…it’s a little over a week overdue. But hey, even if it is….I still want you guys to know that…..

My little boy Kristo is FIVE YEARS OLD!!!!!

At a time like this, I can’t help but look thru pictures and “go down memory lane”, to celebrate the glorious pain of labor and childbirth and the joy of finally meeting the baby who was in your belly for 9 months! I’m also writing this blog to honor my family in Washington who helped me and Kristo so much while we were there! (If you read my blog about remembering the birthdays I’ve had, you might remember the part where I mentioned that I celebrated my 23rd in Washington. This would be the more detailed story of that part of the blog. This is more or less what happened during that season)

When I was in Washington, I stayed with my Auntie Bie and Uncle Kit and that gave me time to reconnect with them and my cousins and get to know them more.  It was a really nice nostalgic feeling to be back in their house. It brought back so many memories… Memories of playing in their back yard, memories of being so excited to see their driveway (going to their place was always one of the highlights of our trips to the US when I was a kid), and simply being with my aunt and uncle and my cousins and hanging out…specially in their kitchen!

I was saving my thank you’s for the end of this blog, but I can’t seem to move on without saying that I cannot thank them enough….for soooo many reasons! For taking me and Kristo in (even if it’s been almost a decade since we last saw them!), for caring for us, for giving us more than we ever deserved. For being absolutely awesome and for making that season of my life so amazingly beautiful!

I’m super thankful for…

….their patience when my hormones were driving me crazy, for listening and being there when all I could do was cry! ….every single yummy meal they cooked (ALL of the meals they prepared were DELICIOUS!) and…
….for trusting me to cook for them too! I appreciate soooo many other things about them and I can just go on and on and on!!!

I also want to thank my cousins for taking me out and showing me around and simply for just being there….for being supportive in their own great ways!!! Like I said earlier, you all helped make that season really awesome for us (specially since I was pregnant and away from home)!

We hope to see you soon! We love you! I can’t wait for Kristo to spend time with you now that he’s a little man!!!! Meanwhile…here are some photos i want to share!!!!


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