So it takes your kid forever to sleep at night? Try this!

Just last week I was on the website of Nurture Spa Village `coz I was telling my friend who’s flying in from London all about it! I wouldn’t have thought that I would actually meet its co-owner, Cathy Turvill, a few days later! Cathy talked about aromatheraphy, essential oils and its benefits at the “What Dream Women Want ” event I was at.  I picked up quite a number of really useful tips from her that would definitely help a lot of us parents:

  • If it takes us forever to put our kids to bed at night, burn some lavender oil and see it work its magic, coz that’s what it’s for – to relax us. (I can’t wait to try this on Kristo for those nights when it takes him forever to sleep!)
  • If you need clarity, specially if you’re a writer, the oil to use is lemongrass!
  • Did you know that Frankincense is an anti-ageing oil?! Mix that with a carrier oil like grapeseed oil or sweet almond and see it do wonders for your skin!
  • Essential oils must be kept in dark bottles!
  • If an essential oil is sold fairly cheaper than all the rest – THINK TWICE (or more!). It takes A LOT of plants, flowers, etc to make these oils, which makes it quite pricey! BUT, if you buy the real deal for its price, it’s worth it! 🙂
Amu'in products

Cathy Turvill is also the co-owner of Amu’in Aromatherapy. Their products are proudly Philippine made, and when you buy their products, you are helping out the villages growing the plants and flowers they use! If you want to know more about Amu’in and aromatherapy, click here and for list of their products click here.

*Note: This is NOT  a paid blog. I just really like endorsing products I believe need notice, plus, it was so pleasant talking to Cathy Turvill 🙂


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