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Kristo learns to fish by the bay

The original plan was to go to the cultural center and find those bikes for rent (which we used to enjoy as kids) and just ride around the area, but apparently the bikes were moved to a totally different area! So plan B was just to hang out and watch the sun set by the Manila Bay, and apparently plan B was far better than plan A…because…my four year old Kristo learned how to fish today!

Kristo watching the fishermen

As we were walking by Manila Bay Kristo couldn’t help but stop by a group of fishermen. After a few minutes of watching them he told me he wanted to learn how to fish. It’s always a joy to hear him say “I want to learn…” That’s definitely a good sign! 🙂

So, after a few minutes of watching them, he had a number of questions like what were the fishermen were doing (when they were fixing their bait) and what they used as bait, etc. I obviously didn’t have all the answers so I encouraged him that we could ask the fishermen instead, but before they could answer any of his questions…

….a fish was pulled out of the water! They asked Kristo if he wanted to hold the fish, but he politely declined. From the hook, they put the fish straight into that white and green container filled with ice. After it was shut, the container moved a bit. That led Kristo to ask even more questions like why the container was moving and why they put the fish there in the first place. Then came the request that he wanted to learn to fish, right that very moment. I told him that we’d look for a friend who would teach us how, but he obviously didn’t want to wait!

Then…one of the fishermen (who was apparently listening to our conversation) approached Kristo and asked if he really wanted to learn. When Kristo kept on nodding, Bob the fisherman, hurriedly got his rod and said that he’d teach Kristo! Oh how I wish you guys saw how Kristo’s eyes got all big with excitement!

Bob giving Kristo an intro on fishing
Kristo was really paying attention
and then Bob passed on the rod to Kristo!

As Kristo waited for a fish to bite the bait…Bob started introducing the other fishermen. The guy who caught the fish earlier was apparently a very patient teacher (if there were any kids who visited and wanted to learn how to fish).  The guy in the blue cap (first picture of this series) was a high school teacher at a Chinese school. He said he would fish to de-stress from work! Then there was one guy who was introduced as a US citizen….(in my head “so that’s why he kept on speaking in English!”). Then I asked Bob what he did. He said he was a driver for a rent-a-van company. He told us that he’s traveled to almost all parts of the Philippines. I asked him what the most beautiful place he’s been to so far and he was quick to say “Boracay!” but apparently the best place to go fishing was Aparri. (I asked why, but he didn’t know either)

By the end of that round of stories Kristo started to ask us every 2 minutes more or less if he’s caught anything yet. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to catch any, but I think the fact that he held a real rod and he was sitting with all these fishermen made him feel really cool!

Here’s a short video of Kristo waiting and talking to his new teacher…

Bob said we could drop by earlier on a Saturday or Sunday and for sure their group would be there! They offered to teach Kristo more about fishing next time. So if you or any of your kids would like to learn how to fish, you may wanna check them out (unless you have issues about talking to total strangers). I think they’re a nice bunch and I’m glad I got to hear their stories. They’ll be by Manila bay, that part behind the Folk Arts Theater.  🙂

I’m glad today happened. I’m pretty sure this is one of those days Kristo would tell others when he’s all grown up and starts to recall great memories of his childhood! 🙂 I really think one of our roles as parents is to fill their memory bank with oh so magical and wonderful memories of their childhood…so when they have kids of their own…they can pass them on…plus…it just helps them be happier people! So parents, lets fill away and enjoy this season with them too!!


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