Kristo meets Mio :)

Last week Kristo and I went to the thanksgiving dinner for the Mio Fights Cancer Benefit Concert at Pino Resto Bar. We were pleasantly surprised to see that Mio was there!! Finally, we get to meet Mio Mendiola in person!! Prior to that dinner, Kristo and I would just see loads of his photos and read about his stories on his blog, I think I may have built Mio up a lot in Kristo’s head coz there were days when Kristo would beg me (this is not an exaggeration) to take him to Mio’s house so they can play.  I remember telling Kristo that Mio is 5 and that he’s homeschooled as well and that he likes Nickelodeon too and that he’s got a pet fish…plus Kristo saw a picture of Mio playing his Nintendo DS — that was enough to get him extremely excited to meet Mio. (Kristo likes watching other kids play video games, sometimes he’d ask me to play a game at the arcade and he’d just watch!)

Here’s proof:


Kristo watching Mio play...just as I pictured it!

As they were playing, I noticed their eyelashes! I remember reading how Jasmine would talk about how long her son’s eyelashes are and when she saw Kristo’s eyelashes we started kidding that we should have a contest. Last Thursday, after I took this photo, I just had to declare the winner, Mio!   🙂

Another thing we just had to do that night was to have this picture taken:


With our gorgeous little men 🙂

Aside from hanging out with Jasmine and Mio and the Mio Warriors that night (which was such a treat), I also got to enjoy a sumptuous 6-course meal which is what’s served on a Mio Monday!!!

This is what I’m talking about:


Trust me, the food there is AWESOME 🙂 It’s super worth it! Oh, and don’t forget to leave some room for their Signature Pino Dessert — coz that’s something YOU HAVE to try! (Imagine a chocolate bar cooked like a tempura topped with Vanilla ice cream! Just writing about it is making me want it, NOW!).  Plus, you’ll get a special thank you gift….

13664_169428241818_553711818_2948755_6196580_nSpecial Edition Mio Pins for P75 (the pink one is a keychain/ mirror, the blue one is a magnet/ bottle openner) 🙂 we’re giving them away to MioMonday participants along with iCANCERvive baller IDs which we usually sell at P65 in commemoration of Iggy Villanueva.

I highly recommend that you invite your friends or someone special to any of the Mio Mondays. Awesome food + special people + a great cause = you can’t go wrong! 🙂 Oh and before you get too excited, don’t forget to make a reservation! You can call Alessa at 0917-7371376 🙂

*For more information about Mio, visit and






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