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Little Big Fighter Julius and Mommy Cecilia…

Last week I got to spend a bit of time with another awesome mom who inspires me to bits.  For some reason, lately I’ve really been drawn to mothers like me who have gorgeous little boys.

I met ate (big sister) Cecilia and her 8 year old son Julius at the Generics Expo I hosted at Megamall the day before typhoon Ondoy (mid-September).  Part of the event was dedicated to the signing of a memorandum of agreement between the Department of Health and the Cancer Warriors Foundation.  One hundred Cancer Warrior Foundation kids with Leukemia will have free meds for 3 years of full treatment and some of them were there at the event coz the Deparment of Health had a few more treats for them.

Kyla singing to the kids of Cancer Warriors Foundation

At lunch I sat with 4 mothers and their kids and that’s when I met Ate Cecilia and Julius. She told me how most of them are from the province and are now in Manila to get their kids treated. They all live at a boarding house meant for kids fighting cancer and their guardians. I was just drawn to Ate Cecilia, her faith was amazing. She kept on telling me how she believes that Julius will be well, soon. Before they left we exchanged numbers and since then, we’ve kept in touch. Last week Ate Cecilia told me that they were back in the hospital and that Julius’ temperature has been really high for about a week already AND their doctor at the Philippine General Hospital told her that Julius will no longer get well! That really upset me, big time! I strongly believe that no one has the right to say that !! BUT even if that’s what the doctor said, Ate Cecilia believes that God will heal Julius. No doubt there.

Our fighter Julius and Ate Cecilia

My friend Joshua Tongol and I went to visit them last week. Ate Cecilia told us how the doctor asked her the week before if she still wanted to continue chemo treatments for Julius. She felt that the question wasn’t necessary, coz the doctor knew that the reason why they’re in Manila is to get Julius treated. The doctor told her: “Kahit mag-chemo siya, wala na din shang pag-asa” (Even if he goes thru chemo, he’s hopeless, he won’t get well anymore”). I could comment on that statement right now, but I’d rather not, just the same way I didn’t comment when we were at the hospital.

Julius still had a really high temperature when we were there. We told them that Jesus loves them so much and that Jesus wants to heal him. Ate Cecilia said that that’s what Julius always tell her, that “Papa Jesus will heal me” 🙂 Aside from this little fighter’s faith, it was obvious too that Julius was being a little man by being strong for his mom. Every time she asked him how he felt, he’d say he was ok. That’s how he was when we asked him too, coz several times we saw him gasping for air. But even if that was the situation, it was so inspiring to see them both declare that there is no doubt, Julius will be ok. On that note, we prayed for both of them. We also prayed for the huge lump on Julius’ chest.  By the end of the visit, we all kept on saying that the lump will dissolve for sure and that his temperature will go back to normal and that he will be declared Leukemia free 🙂

The next day I got a text message from Ate Cecilia saying that Julius’ temperature has gone back to normal. Then a few days after that she messaged me that the lump on his chest is noticeably smaller! Isn’t Jesus so cool?!

Here I am again (and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of asking you all for a very special favor)…. Hope you could include Julius and Ate Cecilia in your prayers. 🙂  I have no doubt that Julius will soon be telling the world how Papa Jesus healed him.


2 thoughts on “Little Big Fighter Julius and Mommy Cecilia…”

    1. Hey Doni,

      I’ll find out when we can visit them..and yes, I’ll tell them that your sending them your love! I want to see you soon, too!!

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