about Paul…

Before I became a mommy to my little boy, I was already taking care of another guy I soooo love… I remember being upset when he’d get bruises or wounds from playing soccer…. I’d be there for almost every shooting day he’s gone thru for his movie or commercial or tv guesting to show him how much I support him…. I’ve pulled the meanest pranks on him but he’d always end up forgiving me…. we’d fight a lot — but they say it comes with the relationship.. He was my number one enemy growing up, but he’s also someone I dearly love.


Now he lives so far away and he’s rarely in the city I’m in…I miss him loads 😦 But, I’m extremely proud that he’s gone for his dreams and that he’s doing what he loves most, flying. I want the world to know that I love him sooooo much and that I am sooo thrilled for him…for what he’s achieved so far and for what’s up ahead!!! (I know so coz God’s got awesome plans for you!!)

Paul, the pilot
Paul, the pilot

Happy birthday, Paul. I love you sooo much…. and thank you for being one of the great male figures in my son’s life! He loves you dearly, too! 🙂 (I know so, coz he always asks about you!)

And by the way, no matter how old we get….or how tall you are — you will always be my BABY brother!!! 🙂

at our favorite playground in Hong Kong
at our favorite playground in Hong Kong

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