On G-Force and going on dates

Kristo and I often go on dates! We either eat out then spend time at a play area or an arcade or we go on movie dates! Last week we saw G-Force on 3D.

With our 3D glasses
With our 3D glasses

Aside from watching the movie, there are two other things i love watching when we’re in a movie house. First is watching Kristo passionately eat his cheese popcorn, and second is watching his reactions!!! Last week’s date was something new for us `coz it was  a first for both of us to watch a 3D movie. So throughout the movie, Kristo kept on comparing watching the movie with and without his glasses, and every time he lifted his glasses, he said “mom, it’s magic!!” There were several scenes as well where he’d grab my arm and say excitedly, “Mom! Did you see that?! Did you see that?!” It was such joy to see him like the movie that much!

In fact, he liked the movie so much he saw it with his dad too! When he came home from his dad’s this week, it was obvious that he had picked out his favorite scenes and memorized several lines! As soon as he got the chance to get online with me, he spent a couple of hours playing G-Force games on Disney’s site too. AND the ultimate indicator that he’s got G-Force in his head all the time is him singing “Jump” over and over and over!!!!

While you wait for that music video to load, do you go on dates with your kid(s) too? I think it’s one thing to go out as a family, but it’s totally different when you go on dates with each kid (if you’ve got lots of kids) — and it doesn’t matter how old they are! My fondest memories of my relationship with dad are those when we went on dates! There’s just something about even just going to McDonalds together for a quick meal and to talk to just sit there with your dad. I know that taking Kristo out on all these fun dates will have a huge effect on him when he’s all grown up! It sends him a clear message that I love spending time with him, that I enjoy his company, that going out with mommy is fun (hehe, so hopefully when he’s all grown up he can take me to gigs he’d go to! haha!).  No seriously, according to authors James Dobson and Rick Warren, for children love is spelled T-I-M-E.  So,  let’s start planning our next date with our kid(s)!!!

(That’s something you can expect from this blog soon: Budget Date Ideas for the Kiddiewinkles! I’ll share places to go to and activities to do — on a budget!) Do you have any ideas you’d wanna share?!


1 thought on “On G-Force and going on dates”

  1. Nice entry, Ate Owie! 🙂

    Since I was little, I love going on dates with my Nanay (Can’t really go out much with Tatay since he’s always out of the country). When I was a kid, I was the one being given lots of good stuff (Yea, kid shopping as we all know it. Hehe!); but now that I am earning my own money, I usually treat her from time to time and I love it when it is only the two of us since I am able to give her what I really like. 🙂

    It really is a different story when we go out with my father and other sibs. Hehe! :P)

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