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Awesome news about Doni, a reason to do the happy dance!!!

I’VE GOT AWESOME NEWS TO SHARE!!!! Do you guys remember my birthday wish?! Do you guys remember the blogs I wrote about my friend Doni?! If you have no idea what I’m talking about or if you think you read it but would want to check out those blogs again, click here and here.

A couple of months ago with Doni
A couple of months ago with Doni

I was thrilled to read Doni’s blog tonight about how he is!!! Here’ how his blog starts off:

Hullo, friends and loved ones. Maraming salamat for all your support and prayers. We have now finished all my cancer treatments! No more chemo and radiation! We are done!

Isn’t that amazing news?! God is soooo awesome! 🙂 I’m soooo happy for Doni and his family and friends. So to everyone who prayed for Doni, thank you! Our prayers have been answered!!! 🙂 Wooooohoooo! *mommy owie is doing the happy dance!*

To read Doni’s full blog, click here.

Have an awesome weekend guys!!!!


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