“Mom, remember do not be afraid!”

Kristo loves books so I took him to the Manila International Book Fair last month and the moment we got there, he was THRILLED. I wish you could have all see the look on his face when he saw just soooooo many books. We spent most of our time at the OMF Literature Booth to visit friends and `coz I know they’ve got an awesome selection of books. I had Kristo look through all the kiddie books and asked him to choose the book he liked most.

choosing a book
choosing a book

Kristo chose “Lost in Space”, a Veggie Tales book. Being the boy that he is, seeing pictures of a spaceship made deciding so easy. Plus, Kristo’s been really into Veggie Tales lately which I really like `coz it introduces Christian values and Bible verses in a fun way.

We’ve been reading the book almost every night before we go to bed and WE love it! Lost in Space mentions Isiah 41:10 about 3 times thruout the book, twice by the robot in the story, so when I read it to him, I try my best to sound like a robot!! So before we got to bed as I read the book, you’ll hear me go: “So-do-not-be-afraid-I-am-with you-Do-not-be-terrified-I-am-your-God-I-will-make-you-strong-and-help-you”

Last night I tried asking him to fill in the missing words from this verse, to my surprise, he recited the WHOLE verse!!!
I asked him to do it again so I could share it with you all!

It’s one thing to be able to memorize and recite a verse, it’s a totally different story to be able to know when and how to apply it…and yes, I’ve got a story about that too!

A couple of weeks ago, as Kristo and I were walking thru a semi-lit alley right outside Megamall to get to where we parked, I was praying. Kristo asked me why I was praying. I told him that I was asking God to protect us and to keep us safe. Kristo’s response was: “Mom, remember, do not be afraid, God is with us! He is with us wherever we go, right? That’s what they said in the Veggie Tales book!” After that, walking thru the rest of the alley was like a walk in the park! My son knew his Bible verse well — and he knew when to apply it and he TOTALLY believes it! šŸ™‚ Ain’t that awesome? šŸ™‚

So guys, no matter what you’re going thru now remember, do not be afraid, God is with us, Do not be terrified, He is our God, He will make us strong and help us (and like Kristo adds to the verse) — this applies WHEREVER we go šŸ™‚


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