Sad events…

I’ve been trying to get on with work today but no matter how hard I’ve been trying to think of work, my mind keeps going to back to the shocking events that have happened recently…

First, finding out that my nanny’s 24 year old son in the province (who has kids) drowned while he was out fishing. My nanny is still in the province and so far, I still can’t seem to talk to her. I totally understand `coz I’m a mother too. I was so sad about what happened, so sad that my nanny is hurting the way she is…

Then…the news that the Eguid family was murdered.. :_(   Aia, my bestfriend, told me about it yesterday evening thru sms. I couldn’t believe it. Why?! What happened?! Checking the FaceBook news feed cofirmed it. Then I saw GMA7 do a news report on it… and that totally sealed everything.

I didn’t know the Eguid family (Tito Ariel, his wife and his son Adrian) that well, but I have pretty good memories of talking to them at their restaurant, Breadbox, which is right in front of Sa Guijo Cafe in Makati. Tito Ariel would always greet us so warmly whenever we went over to eat and he’d always recommend a specific dish for the night — and his recommendations were always awesome. Well, all of their dishes were sumptuous anyway!

There was one time that he didn’t charge me for my coffee or he’d offer some dishes at a discounted price! He was generous like that.

One night my friends and I really dressed up and ate at BreadBox and had a bunch of photos taken and we were kidding around with Tito Ariel that they could definitely be used for a print ad or for display around the restaurant!


With Tito Ariel Eguid, owner of Bread Box
With Tito Ariel Eguid, owner of Bread Box

I promised Tito Ariel Eguid a copy of the photos we took that night, but I never really got to keep my word… 😦

Two weeks ago, when I accidentally left my car keys in my car, one of the places I thought of to ask for help was Bread Box. I told Tito Ariel what happened and asked if he knew a locksmith. It was obvious that he was really thinking about it. He may not have recommended a locksmith, but I used their phone to call for one. I didn’t think twice about asking them for help that night, coz it was obvious that they had great hearts. That was also the night I got to talk to their 16 year old son, Adrian, for the first (and apparently last) time. He came up to us and asked if we wanted to try his keys, since his car was a Toyota too. You could see that he really wanted his keys to work and that he really wanted to help out. The keys didn’t work, but it’s ok. I’m glad that now I have that memory of him.

The Eguid family was brutally murdered at their unit which was really near Breadbox and Sa Guijo. The suspects have already been established and it seems that they’ve been working for the family for the past six months at the restaurant, but they are currently still at large. No, it wasn’t even robbery… So far, no one can say what the motives of the murderers were.

One thing I know for sure: no one deserves to die the way this family did. No matter what the reasons are, no one deserves to be brutally killed. :_( Just the thought of what happened disturbs me.

I refuse to claim that this is God’s will, that this is part of God’s plan. I refuse to believe that the same God that loves all His kids so much would desire to have his kids die this way. No human parent in their right mind would want this to happen to their child, so what more our Heavenly Dad. Truth is, we live in a fallen world and that’s all I can attribute this to. 😦

To the Eguid family, may you rest in peace and may justice be served. You will be missed. Going to Sa Guijo will never be the same…


7 thoughts on “Sad events…”

  1. I agree that this is really not God’s will. He will not let us harmed. It’s the will of those people to do evil things.I don’t know them i haven’t been to their place but my heart and prayers are with you and to those who are mourning for them.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your nanny losing his son. It’s never easy, I would imagine.

    And for the Eguid Famliy, I’m sure they’re having a blast serving their famous soul fish and, my favorite, pork binagoongan in heaven while the angels jam with Adrian as he plays the piano.

    May they rest in Peace.

  3. I read about this in the Inquirer and I was shocked as well. I even researched to confirm if it was indeed Adrian, the very pleasing and accommodating boy we met as well at the resto in front of Saguijo. He even played the piano for us and he was just brilliant. His Dad was just the same, very friendly and accommodating. He even allowed me to play the piano and he smiled whenever me and my friends laughed. Just thinking that they’re gone now is utterly shocking. We shall never understand the ways of God, if this is truly his will or what but in events like these, I try to think about this verse in the Bible, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not in your own understanding”. Hope this makes you feel better, it worked for me.

  4. Adrian is like a son to me, he was my daughter’s classmate when she was on grades 5 and 7. When i was assigned in the Music dept. he was our student in piano and we enjoyed with Adrian’s company, there’s no dull moment if he’s around with us because he’s full of hopes and ambition. Because of his passion to music every dismissal time he goes to my office and plays his favorite Les Miserable piano pieces. Sometimes, he finished his “baon” in my office while telling me stories about school. I told his mom one time when i met her in the hallway that if in case she can’t find Adrian in the school waiting area she should go to the Music Dept., where Adrian’s heart is. The family don’t deserve the brutal killing. My prayers to St. Cecilia to guide them and to our good Lord Jesus to open the gate of heaven for them. The memories i have with Adrian will stays with me forever. May their soul rest in peace.

  5. I made good friends with tito ariel. I was so disheartened when i heard the news. such a beautiful family. God made a way for me to get back to the philippines from the states to attend the funeral. I made it just in time. They will surley be missed. Thanks for sharing

  6. i am tito ariel’s neice,.,
    its been a year, but untill now, no justice has been sevre for them. the family appreciate you so much,,. we are asking for your prayers for justice t be served to my tito and his family,. thank you!

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