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Road Trip!!!

I’ve been wanting to write about a really cool book I read for a month now…I’ve got all these ideas in my head on how to write the blog and all but never really got to sit down and actually write everything down — except now, and I believe the timing is just about right! πŸ™‚

As most of you know, I work at The Edge Media (a Christian New Media/Radio station) and part of my job is to interview one interesting person or group after another on our Friday night show, The Other Side, on cam. The week before my birthday I got to interview Ru dela Torre, author of the book Road Trip.

during the interview
during the interview

What was so special about this interview?! Well, to start off with, when Ru dela Torre walked into the studio I knew he looked so familiar and apparently I looked really familiar to him too. After a while we got to trace how we knew each other…we were schoolmates in college, and what more was we worked together for 2 college events (don’t worry Ru, I’m not telling them! haha!)…why it took forever for us to realize we knew each other?! No..I refuse to believe that it was a senior moment! What I’m leaning more towards is how different we both are and both look, inside and out, compared to when we were in college. Read on and you’ll know what I mean!

Here’s how chapter 1 of Ru dela Torre’s book Road Trip starts:

Some guys have all the luck. I should know, I was one of them. Here’s a short list of what I had:

  • 23 ex-girlfriends
  • 1 hottie girlfriend
  • a cum laude medal for my undergrad course from the oldest university in Asia and the hope of getting a silver medal for my graduate course from the University of the Blue Eagles
  • 1 super black, all dressed up sporty car with the vanity plate that read Chill
  • 1 fat bank account fed by a thriving business and a high-paying job
  • And an ego as big as the Titanic

And yet, I was still bored.

This was enough to have me sit on the floor and read as fast I could before our interview. I wanted to know what happend, but I had to press the pause button for that coz shortly after skimming thru the pages of his neatly laid-out book, we went on-air.

It was a fun interview. To watch it (after you read this blog), click here (then check out the on-demand list)
But to sum it up, Ru dela Torre was a guy who was in one relationship after another after another after another (and like I said during our interview, it was like hearing the male version of my story, in a way!) — and now, he goes around the country encouraging young people to WAIT before they get into romantic relationships and even take it to the next level of signing a manifesto that says they won’t get into romantic relationships for a year (and the contract is renewable) — that’s what the Manifesto Movement is about. What happened in between, that’s for you to find out, really! (watch the interview and read the book — don’t worry, he’s not a woman hater!)

After our Friday night show, I went back to reading Road Trip at my favorite cafe while waiting for my friend. I was soooo into the book, primarily because of how Ru wrote it. It was just so easy to read, it was so “conversational”, it felt like Ru was right with me telling me his story (because of all his side comments)….and Ru’s story, that’s another big thing. His story is just such a ride, such a road trip! He talked about a car crash he was in plus shared his thoughts on love letters and how he lost everything, just like that! Wait. I’m gonna stop now, coz I don’t want to tell you everything!!!

I finished reading the book the day after, and if you know me well enough, you know that it takes me close to forever to get from cover to cover. So yes, that says a lot about the book!

I don’t wanna spoil the trip for you. Rather, I’d like to encourage you to check it out at your favorite bookstores, specially OMF *wink* or better yet, meet Ru dela TOMORROW, Sept 20 at 3pm at OMF’s booth at the Manila International Book Fair and have your book signed (he signed mine!) πŸ™‚

You know I don’t recommend or endorse stuff I don’t believe in, right? So trust me when I say that this is an awesome gift idea, specially if you’ve got a teenage son or nephew or friend… but this book hits the mark as well for us ladies!

It's only P150, and it's so worth it!
It’s only P150, and it’s so worth it!

It was a pleasure to meet you (again) Pastor Ru (or Kuya Ruru to many)! Congratulations! I know that the Lord has been using you in amazing ways to encourage so many young people to skip the bumpy road we both tried out!!! I’m excited for your next book!!!

with my school mate and author Ru dela Torre
with my school mate and author Ru dela Torre

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