Meet Jasmine, Mio’s mom.

Meet Jasmine Mendiola…

With Jasmine Mendiola
With Jasmine Mendiola

Jasmine is a single mom who has a gorgeous 5 yearold son who’s got long lashes and loves to draw (and he’s really great at it too). Mio, her son, loves to watch Nickelodeon, he loves organic veggies and brown rice and prays the cutest prayers.

Artwork by Mio Mendiola
Artwork by Mio Mendiola

Jasmine is an amazing make-up artist (that’s one of her many talents!) and I’m not just saying that `coz she might be reading this (Hi Jasmine!). I’ve admired Jasmine’s work way before I read any of her blogs. Here’s proof:

Photo by JB de Leon
Photo by JB de Leon

When I saw Abby Asistio’s picture about a year ago, one of the first things I noticed was her make-up! I found out a few weeks ago after looking thru Jasmine’s multiply site that SHE was the brilliant artist I sooo admired! Looking thru her other photos easily made me decide that on my wedding day, it’s got to be Jasmine Mendiola doing my make up! (So my future husband should be able to afford her services *wink*)

I love how Jasmine talks about Mio, how she shares exactly what she feels about what she’s been going thru and how she just seems so transparent….so real. When she talks you feel her sincerity (and I think that’s kinda rare nowadays). I admire how she’s been honest with what she’s gone thru and with her realizations lately. I am grateful that she’s been sharing bits and pieces of their life to inspire just so many people.

Before I go on and on and on about Jasmine, I need to tell you something.

I just met her. Last night. Finally.

I first read Jasmine’s blogs about Mio a few weeks ago and since then, I’ve been hooked. The very first day I read her blog, I wrote her an email and she replied and we’ve been communicating since. I would check her blogs everyday and if there aren’t any new entries (no pressure!), I re-read all the other entries and every single time I just discover something new about them.

Jasmine inspires me as a single mother. She may have inspired you too (if you’ve been reading her blogs). So to meet her last night was such a treat. How she sounds like in her blogs is just like how she is in person — well no, that’s not true. Of course, hearing her stories in person is way better! 🙂 But what I mean is she’s as honest, as sincere and as open.

I know I should be blogging about our upcoming projects and all (which we talked about last night), but I just wanted to take a pause to honor you, Jasmine. You are beautiful inside and out and you are an amazing mother, I’m sure Mio will agree 100 percent 🙂

To read about Jasmine, and her son Mio, visit her blog: miofightscancer.com

Scroll down to read my very first blog about Jasmine and Mio. 🙂


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