I was kidnapped!!! Part 4!!!

Don’t worry, this is the last part of the kidnap story! At the end of this blog, Β I won’t make you wait `til tomorrow for what’s gonna happen next! πŸ™‚ If this is the first time you’re reading my blog, or at least the kidnap story, I strongly suggest you start from the…start! You can click here for that! πŸ™‚

So where were we? Oh yes, after the Salsa lessons Ronald told me that I was going to Cavite next, right? So that’s what I had in mind. I thought the next stop was a party and I was gonna dance infront of everyone. The card said we were supposed to leave at 5pm, but it was well beyond 5 and no one was really saying why we weren’t leaving just yet. But it was cool. It gave me enough time to freshen up and digest everything or at least TRY to digest everything that happend that day!

With Ate Barbie and her beautiful Stina
With Ate Barbie and her beautiful Stina

I was well aware that Ate Barbie and the salsa (eating) team was just waiting for the go-signal from the master minds that we could head on to the next stop. I think it was either well past 6 when we got in the van. They all kept saying that they had no idea where we were going. That made 4 of us! All I knew was we were headed for Cavite! In the van, we plugged in the ipod so they could all listen to the PINK playlist which was prepared for me. As we listened to the songs, I told them what was going on when I first heard the song play during the day! Like when “Manila” (by Sandwich) was playing, we were stuck in traffic in Makati (another city)! …and that I thought that because the first song on the playlist was “Manila” — I thought we were going to somewhere IN Manila! haha! The next thing I realized was we were turning into Eastwood City. (This place is super cool, like a tiny city with loads of restaurants, coffee shops, bars and malls! …and we usually hang out there!) I thought we were just gonna pick someone up! Cool, more people in the van, then! But Kuya Martin and Ate Barbie got out of the van as soon as the driver pulled over by the mall. Ok, so we’reΒ notpicking someone up. HHmmm….Ok, there was a huge show being prepared in the open concert area and there were lots of signs that a tv production was set-up in the area. Could this all be televised?! Could I have been part of a reality show? or like one of those shows that makes your dream(s) come true?! By that time, for me,Β nothing was impossible!! Ahhh….probably…we were going to a salsa bar!!! Yeah, that must be it! Most salsa nights are Thursdays anways! Then…as we were walking toward Red Mango, our favorite frozen yogurt place, I saw…my mom…kristo…lots of my friends…and… (i’m just gonna let the photos speak this time!)……..


Next scene: Hugging the best friend and master mind
Next scene: Hugging the best friend and master mind

Lots more hugging follow after this… If you scroll down, there’s a link I’m gonna give you. ALL the photos of this “kidnap” surprise are there!!! Meanwhile…fast forward to what they had prepared for me there! Super sweet!!!!

A huge CHOCOLATE cake and lots of PINK balloons!!!
A huge CHOCOLATE cake and lots of PINK balloons!!!

AND…..after I blew out my candle and while I was talking to a few friends who were there, out of the corner of my eye I saw something that made me SCREAM and CRY! No, I’m not just talking about being teary eyed…I seriously CRIED! *blush* Here’s proof! Yes, I’m gonna embarass myself right about NOW!!!

If I remember right, I think they were asking me to come near the computer where a video was playing and I think it took me a while to even move! I was in SHOCK! But of course I was more excited than shocked so I went to see the whole video. It was a video greeting from a childhood crush (ok, and yes, `til this very day!). <He’s a celebrity here in the Philippines>

The story behind that video: well, my friends have been trying to figure out for three weeks how they would get a video message from Keempee. Then a few days before this surprise, Aia (my best friend) dropped her phone in the toilet. Yes, I need to mention this part. Because — this made her buy another phone on the spot. The phone she bought this time had a video recorder! Soon after that, Keempee de Leon just walked by them and they too were in shock for a moment. So, they literally ran after him for this video message! πŸ™‚ If Aia didn’t drop her phone in the toilet, then they wouldn’t have anything to record the message πŸ™‚ Cool, huh? So back to the story. After showing me Keempee’s message, they showed me the video coverage of everything I did. Apparently, there was a car following our van around and there were 3 people who were usually in disguise following me around too! I had my own set of paparazzi for the day!!! That explains that guy in shades — remember? the one I saw at the salon and the restaurant!!! Wow! They’re good! The video was super cool! Once I get a copy of that, I’ll post it up and share it with you guys!

Paparazzi for a day!!!
Paparazzi for a day!!!

Talk about an all-out production for a birthday surprise, huh?! I am soooo grateful to EVERYONE who helped out prepare this amazing day! You guys are awesome! I am still in awe as to how you guys put all this together! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My thoughts as I recount this wonderful gift:

  • God is awesome. He knows the desires of your heart. Trust that he will make you smile and happy and joyful.
  • I am extremely blessed to have family and friends who have been so selfless just to make me feel important.
  • I am loved. Thank you, Jesus! πŸ™‚
  • When God says we are his Princesses, He means it. Allow Him to show you how you are the apple of His eye.
  • When you think you know what God’s got planned next for your life, think again! His ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts higher than ours!!! Look at how I always guessed what was gonna happen next — and it always turned out to be something better.
  • God loves to surprise us! So be prepared or rather…enjoy the surprise. Savor every moment.
  • God is awesome! I love Him! My family and friends rock! I love them to bits!
  • God loves you! Yes you! Care to let Him show you (even more?)
  • When a surprise similar to this is thrown for you, take note of who your professional actor friends are! I totally forgot that Ronald (a.k.a. Boy Kulot) is a professional actor!!!! He totally got me believing him! But then again, I trust this brother! Ronald, you’re awesome bro!!! And goodjob to the fiance Jana for riding along! You guys make a great team!!! yihee…love team!!!
  • and yes, fine, I’m gonna accept the fact that ok, maybe, Pink really is ONE OF my favorite colors. πŸ™‚ haha
hugging mother dear :)
hugging mother dear πŸ™‚



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