I was kidnapped! Part 3!!!

If you’ve been reading my kidnap stories…here’s part 3! If you have no idea what I’m talking about…it would be best to start reading here. (It’s always better to get the full story!) *wink*

After being all made up and all, where do u think the next stop was?! Well, here’s the clue I was given:

caricature by Nix Puno
caricature by Nix Puno

Perfect! Lunch was up next!!! My friends really know my tummy, coz as soon as I stood up from my make-over chair, I told the team that was working on me that I wish it was feeding time, coz even after that power breakfast, I was hungry…again!!!

As soon as I got in the van, Mang Jimmy told me that we were going to Mega Mall! He asked (again) if I knew where Cajun was!! I screamed — coz Cajun Red Rock is one of my favorite restos!!! πŸ™‚

I started thinking that maybe people from work were there waiting for me (coz everyone from The Edge LOVES Cajun Red Rock)! Maybe that’s where a little gathering prepared for me was. This was probably the highlight of the day!!!!

As soon as I got there, I saw one of my friends (who was also a volunteer at The Edge), Ate Ditas and her twins, sitting outside the resto and the first question I asked was if they knew I was gonna be there or if it was just a coincidence (coz I know that they frequent that area too). She said that she was part of the kidnap team and she mentioned that a big group was behind everything!!! Wow!!!

with Ate Ditas and her twins
with Ate Ditas and her twins

Soon after we sat down, my favorite Mangorita was served!!!! …..and I was laughing so hard (not because of the tequilla in my drink!) coz what followed was their Jambalaya dish!!! By the looks of it, our Network Manager, Ron Titular was in on all this too!!! You see, the day before, we were talking about Chef Tony Elepano, the owner of Cajun Red Rock (and the famous Chef Tony’s Popcorn!). He was gonna do a cooking demo again on our Friday night show (on The Edge) and Ron asked us what we wanted to learn to cook which was on the Cajun menu. I was firm (and super enthusiastic) about learning how to cook their Jambalaya… That whole conversation made PERFECT SENSE when I saw the sumptuous dish infront of me!!!

Cajun Red Rock is a MUST visit resto! It's at the Mega Strip, Mega Mall B!
Cajun Red Rock is a MUST visit resto! It's at the Mega Strip, Mega Mall B!

While Ate Ditas and I were eating, I noticed the same guy at the salon (who was wearing sunglasses) walk by the resto. Β It was really weird coz I totally didn’t know who the guy was, but it was just soooo weird to see him in both the places I was at!!! And..I would just see him for a few seconds, either just standing trying to be part of the background or just walking by really quick. Ate Ditas assured me that I would always be safe coz I always had the driver with me anyways.

After enjoying that super yummy meal and being all weirded out by the guy I’ve been seeing, the Cajun Red Rock staff brought out a birthday cake and sang me the birthday song — three times coz I was fumbling inside my bag for my camera!!! I refused to blow out my candle without my camera!

They're awesome at Cajun Red Rock!
They're awesome at Cajun Red Rock!

And ofcourse I had to blow out my candle and make a wish! But since the candle was the re-lighting type, I blew it out several times. Hhhmmm…it just occured to me, I should have made a wish every single time I blew it out!!!


Thank you to everyone at Cajun Red Rock! You guys are awesome!!!! πŸ™‚ What a treat!!!! πŸ™‚ Right after lunch, Mang Jimmy said we had to leave already. He said he’s got to follow a strict time table. He also told me that it’s gonna be a long day and that we were gonna travel pretty far!!!

Thank you!!!
Thank you!!!

You know what’s up next, right?! Yes! Another special card!!!


Ok, so the card said that the next stop was like home for a time..Then I got a text message from my friend Dondi, he said he was waiting for me at the lobby! We were going to Robinson’s Pioneer and all I knew was I was meeting my him and… that’s about it!!!

These were my thoughts going to Pioneer:

  • I know I’m gonna see Dondi. I’m excited to see him! I miss his a lot!
  • I miss our Pioneer friends. I wonder what’s gonna happen…
  • Thank you Jesus!

Right after I typed in my last thought, Mang Jimmy pulled over by the entrance of the mall, and there was Dondi…and I was laughing like crazy coz he had an Iced Caramel Machiatto for me!!! Wow! The details my friends pay attention to! (That’s my favorite drink for this season!)

Dondi!!! and Coffee!!! Yipy!!!
Dondi!!! and Coffee!!! Yipy!!!

Dondi then led me to resource center of Victory Pioneer where Pastor Patrick was waiting for us. Pastor Patrick handed me a book by one of my favorite authors, John Ortberg, and he offered to pray for me. I loooooove what he prayed for!!! πŸ™‚ and…I’m gonna keep that from you guys, for now πŸ™‚ Then of course, another card!!!

Thank you, Pastor Patrick!!
Thank you, Pastor Patrick!!

As soon as I got the card, Dondi and I had to rush back to the van coz it was time for my next stop. These were the clues:


Hhmmm…there’s a big tv there?! 4 familiar faces?! It seriously took me a while to get where we were headed next…but when Doni (who was in the van with us!!!) gave Mang Jimmy directions, I knew exactly where we were going!!! We were off to our friends’ house — the Honasans!!! πŸ™‚


As usual, I was trying to guess what was gonna happen next. The only thing I could think of was a photo shoot. During lunch, ate Ditas asked me how my photo shoot went. So having that in mind, I thought the studio must be set-up at the Honasan’s and I was fully convinced that that was next!!! OR…my mom did mention the night before that I had a party at 3pm!!! ahhh….so the party must be at the Honasan’s!!! that’s it!!!

But when we got there, it was pretty quiet. No people jumping out of nowhere screaming “surprise!” Everything seemed pretty quiet. I was totally confused. I looked at the clock in their living room, it was 3 o`clock and there was no party. Ok. There was also a lady sitting right accross where I was. She wasn’t being introduced at all and she was super quiet. Could she be the make-up artist or stylist for the photo shoot? Well, she didn’t have a huge make-up kit with her. Ok, so who is she?!

In the middle of my million and one thoughts, my friends Jana and Ronald (a.k.a. Boy Kulot) entered the living room!Β Jana obviously knew who the lady was coz she went to greet her. Then Jana finally introduced me to my SALSA INSTRUCTOR!!! wooohooo!!! That’s this scene here:



Yes, I cried!!!! I soooo didn’t expect this! Salsa lessons! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to learn Salsa!!! So we didn’t waste any time and went straight to it!!! Ms Irene, the Salsa Instructor, was an awesome teacher! She said I was a natural! woohoo! *blush* I was having sooo much fun learning all the steps, but pressured at the same time because this guy…

Joaqui Tupas (a.k.a. Boy Kulot)
Joaqui Tupas (a.k.a. Boy Kulot)

…who was also my dancing partner for the day said I should really learn my steps! As soon as he said that, I got the impression that at the end of the day, I’d have to dance in front of everyone at whatever gathering that was being prepared (if there was one!). So even if Ms. Irene took a break, I was working hard trying to get the steps I learned all polished!!! That was seriously a lot of fun!!!! Oh, and just so you know, as we were dancing salsa, everyone else was eating chips and salsa! haha!

After about an hour, lesson done!!! So it was obviously time to take more pictures!!!

Thank you to two amazing couples, Joaqui & Jana and Martin & Barbie Honasan and an awesome teacher, Ms. Irene
Thank you to two amazing couples, Joaqui & Jana and Martin & Barbie Honasan and an awesome teacher, Ms. Irene

As Ronald and Jana were about to leave, Ronald told me that they might not be able to make it to my party in Cavite anymore. (Cavite is about 2 hours away from Manila!) Jana snapped at him, asking him (in front of me) why he told me about Cavite. Ronald said I’d find out anyway! He had a point! Ok, so we’re going to cavite and that’s where the party is! Cool! It must be at the resort Aia (my best friend) and I wanted to check out a couple of months ago. After they left, I had time to freshen up (coz my hair was in a mess and I was sweating like crazy!). As I freshened up, I couldn’t stop being just so amazed at what God’s been doing the whole day. I was still so blown away with what my friends did to make me feel so special, so important. At one point in the day, I even texted Nix and Aia this message: “I didn’t know I was THIS important!” …Imagine all the work that was put in for this day to happen…to make my dreams come true!!! I kept on saying “this is so surreal!”… Til today, I have no idea how to describe everything except by just saying it was a crazy, insane, surreal, amazing day!!! …and it wasn’t even over yet!!! We had one more stop! I already told you what I had in mind, but what really did happen?! Oh…and you have to find out what made me cry – BIG TIME!!!

That final part, tomorrow. πŸ™‚ Meanwhile…this was the last card I got:



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