I was kidnapped…Part 1

I was in tears when I went home at around 1:30 in the morning from my midnight birthday gathering at Sugar Free’s album launch at Sa Guijo café. What I thought would be a midnight with a cupcake and candle turned out to be something totally different. There was no cupcake or cake or anything to blow out as the clock struck twelve but there were loads of birthday greetings from friends there with me and quite a number of people I didn’t know too, so that was cool. But I have to admit, yes, I expected at least a little more excitement from everyone – because I was excited about my day. I even did a countdown to my birthday! Didn’t I make it any more obvious?! But…no one seemed to be too thrilled about it…and it wasn’t what I expected. Well, I didn’t expect three gifts I got that night too, but I totally appreciate it:

One of favorite drinks, from angela.
One of favorite drinks, from angela.
From my friend Nix
From my friend Nix

I also expected someone to drive me home coz my car is on leave (as always) or at least someone to help me get a cab, but for the first time, there wasn’t any of that special treatment. On any other day I sooo wouldn’t mind, but…IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! 😦 (but thanks to my friend Nix for saying yes when I insisted that he at least walk me to the corner to get a cab — and to rommel, our friend, who drove by and offered me a ride home instead).

With Ebe Dancel, Aia de Leon and Trish Cabral (Photo taken before I found out that no one was willing to give me a ride home)
With Ebe Dancel, Aia de Leon and Trish Cabral (Photo taken before I found out that no one was willing to give me a ride home)

As my heart broke because I felt so unimportant, the only place I wanted to be was in my mom’s arms…and that’s exactly where I rushed to as soon as I got home. I cried so hard as mom hugged me that my son who was in the next room woke up. I told mom how hurt I was. It would be my first birthday here, back home (in a very long time) with friends and family – and I was sane, healthy and in a pretty good place in life – and this was how my birthday was welcomed?! Prior to this, I’ve been sending messages left and right inviting people to celebrate my birthday with me, but I got quite a number of declines… So add all that up and you got a birthday girl who almost flooded her mom’s room with her tears. Knowing my mom, she hurts when any of her kids hurt. So, when she could no longer stand the crying and the pain, she whipped out a brown and pink card and said that my friends love me. It was a card that I was supposed to open when I woke up, but my mom said it seemed that it could no longer wait. She told me that everything my friends did that night was probably just an act, because they had something prepared for me for my birthday.

brown and pink...two of my favorite colors.
brown and pink...two of my favorite colors.


After reading this card, I got the picture. A van was gonna pick me up that morning and take me somewhere…but because of how hurt I still was (and because of my pride), I couldn’t bring myself to be, all of a sudden, excited. I told my mom that I had plans that day already. I had work scheduled and had lots of other things to do and deadlines to meet. But my mom totally convinced me to let go of whatever happened that night so I could at least try to enjoy what my friends prepared for me. My son tried to convince me too saying, “mom stop crying please, Jesus might get mad if you cry.” What knocked more sense into me was when he said “Mom, it’s your birthday. I don’t  cry on my birthday…” When a four and a half year old gives you a really good reason why you should stop crying, you can’t help but stop. Then as soon as I calmed down, he asked me too cook instant noodles for him. So at 3 am, we were in the kitchen having an extremely simple but awesome time celebrating my birthday morning.

Instant noodles + my son = perfect combination to heal a broken heart
Instant noodles + my son = perfect combination to heal a broken heart

Being with my son that morning calmed me down and yes, it really did knock some sense into me. Plus, it was easier to swallow my pride with the instant noodles! So I woke up my mom and told her that I’d give the whole birthday surprise a shot.

So at 6:30, my mom woke me up and told me to start getting ready coz Aia, my best friend and master mind of this birthday surprise already called. Along with the card I got was the beautiful white dress Aia and I saw once when we were going around a mall. It was a dress I sooo wanted to have. It was perfect. So all I really had to do that morning was wake up and get dressed and everything else was taken care of.


Even breakfast was ready. For the first time in an extremely long time, my family had breakfast together! My sister who lives more than an hour and a half away even joined us for a power birthday breakfast — spaghetti, fried spring rolls and pan de sal (traditional Filipino breakfast bread).


All I needed to do after breakfast was put a little lip gloss on and find my sunglasses coz my eyes were unbelievably puffy from crying a few hours earlier….and wait for THE kidnap van.

with mom, the accomplice
with mom, the accomplice

At 8:20, my cousin told me that the van was already waiting for me. In my head: “This is it!” I had no idea where I was headed, but I trust the people behind the surprise so I was out of the house and in the van in no time!

THE van
I look very happy for someone who's being kidnapped!!

Yes, I’ve got a smile on in this picture, looking really happy and excited. But find out what happened as soon as I got in the van. That story, tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “I was kidnapped…Part 1”

  1. Aww.. that was really sweet of them.
    We also did the same to a friend a few years ago… tried hard not to greet her at the midnight of her bday (which we usually do), and not to talk about her bday a few days before the surprise! 🙂

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