Card # 4: Short and Sweet…plus the story behind the name “owie”

It’s day 4 of my 7 day special! I’ve been sharing birthday cards and letters I’ve received thruout the years…to celebrate life….to celebrate LOVE!!! 🙂

Today I’m gonna keep it short and super sweet!!!


My dad and mom usually write long messages on cards, but for some reason, on this card they kept it short and sweet. I think one of the most important things they wanted me to know and remember is that I mean so much to them. That says it all. So reading this card made my heart skip a beat. That’s really it. I mean soooo much to them…no matter what!!! *melting* It’s just like what our Daddy in Heaven wants us to always remember — that we mean soooo much to Him!!! 🙂

Since it’s a Sunday (also known as ‘family day’ and ‘church day’), why don’t we just soak in that thought — that we are important to our parents (even if sometimes or a lot of times you feel they don’t care — trust me, as a mom, i will tell you straight out — EVERY parent cares for their child!!!) AND that we are important to our Heavenly Dad!!! If you’re coming up with all these reasons, these instances to prove me wrong, and if you wanna argue in your head defending the thought that you’re not important….STOP. That’s obviously not making you feel good at all. So, why don’t you just TRY to sit down, be still and think and TRY to believe that you mean SOOOO MUCH to your parents and to God. Just be still and SOAK. You won’t be sitting there and reading this if you weren’t important to them from the start. 🙂 Smile. You are important. (we all need reminding sometimes, right?)


Now for the birthday picture…


By now you all know that my real name is…Josephine! My first nick name was Joey.. 🙂 My dad was the first one who ever called me that. Apparently my mom didn’t like it and she was totally convincing dad that Joey sounds like a guy’s name — but dad  was cool with Joey anyway. Dad won and everyone started calling me Joey, except mom. hehe. Then, when my youngest brother learned to talk, he couldn’t pronounce the J in Joey — so that’s pretty much how I ended up being called OWIE… 🙂

Owie is not the easiest name in the world to remember or for some, pronouce. So..thru the years I’ve been called Clowie, Zowie, Howie, Awee and just loads more. Couple that with my last name, BURNS….people tend to forget the S!!! In fact, I just got a message on my facebook wall last night. Check this out!!!

They flashed my name on TV as "OWEE BERN" 🙂

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