Countdown to 28! A birthday card and birthday parties…

Seven days til my 28th birthday!!! Thinking about that made me go thru the birthday cards and letters I’ve received thruout the years. Dad was totally into cards! Every year, we’d wake up to cards lined up on the breakfast table! That was his love language, and he was really good at it…:)

So…Everyday for seven days, I’m gonna share a card or letter, plus special events I really love remembering! Join me as I celebrate this oh-so colorful life I’ve been blessed with!!! 🙂

Aren't those flowers just so pretty?
Aren’t those flowers just so pretty?

In most western countries, when you turn 18, that’s it. You’re on your own. In my case, since we’re in the Philippines and since the culture is way different from what dad was used to, I got a good mix of both worlds. In a way I was given a good amount of independence, but I didn’t have to leave our house or pay rent or look for a job, just yet. I guess that’s why dad wrote “Please remember we are here to love and help you all we can” — and they (mom and dad) have been true to their word. 🙂

I love the cards dad chooses, coz it really does sound like him talking. Dad loves remembering fond memories and he loves asking me about the future.. So let’s do exactly that NOW!

check out my groovy mom!
check out my groovy mom!

FOND MEMORIES: I’m guessing this was my 6th birthday. This was in Hong Kong for sure. It was my last birthday party in Hong Kong `coz the following year I was already studying here in manila. I remember that there was a storm during my 7th birthday party. 😦 The whole class was invited, but only 1 friend, Katrina, braved the weather. Come to think of it, the weather was ALWAYS bad during my birthday parties so I kinda got used to just having one or two friends at my parties. But it was fun all the same — that’s the beauty of having a HUGE family! 🙂

FUTURE: I have no idea what I wanna do for my birthday next week. I know what I want as a birthday gift (you can read about that here) but about what to do to celebrate my birthday — I am clueless. I’ve been debating if I want a quiet day or otherwise. Hmmm…still thinking…


1 thought on “Countdown to 28! A birthday card and birthday parties…”

  1. It’s inspiring to know that you’re still as sweet to your parents as you were a decade ago. Good testimony to tell Kristo and your future kids 🙂

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