Help needed on the games boys play!!!

It’s a TOTALLY different ballgame now, when it comes to my four and a half year old son Kristo…

Photo by Sheila Juan Catilo
Photo by Sheila Juan Catilo

This is what it’s been like with my little man…

Yeah, he still likes it when we read his favorite books at night – BUT he’d rather give me characters and ask me to make-up stories about them… Yes, same characters — and different STORIES per night!! One story a night IS NOT ENOUGH! (I’m running out of story lines!)

Yeah, he still likes playing with his toys alone – BUT he’d rather give me two toys, and he’d have two as well, then he’d say my toys are the villains and his are the superheroes. I get the fact that he wants our toys to fight, but as our toys fight, he also wants me to act like the commentator (and start each fight with the line “once upon a time…” and narrate every single movement that’s happening) and I’ve got to supply the sound effects too! It’s a huge production, I tell you! And like the little challenge I mentioned earlier — I’m running out of story lines, specially when he gets really upset when my characters win!!!

the set we always end up playing with! My characters are the horse and that yellow thing. His is the red plastic block (i think that's what it is) and the transformer dude. He named the transformer dude "Incredible Hook!"
the set we always end up playing with! My characters are the horse and that yellow thing. His is the red plastic block (i think that's what it is) and the transformer dude. He named the transformer dude "Incredible Hook!"

Now when he throws a ball or anything round at me (specially when I’m not looking!), I know it’s not done out of disrespect — but it’s his way of declaring that a war (game) has begun! Oh, and did I mention he’s got back up weapons?! (like ANYTHING can turn into sword for him — and lately he’s been sleeping with these ‘weapons’!)

I know this is all very typical for guys — I know so because I’ve read it in some books. But you have to understand, the reason why I’m blogging about this is simple. I grew up playing with my cooking set or my barbie dolls or I’d stay in one place the whole day pretending I was a cashier at a bookstore or a grocery. I don’t think I ever thought of having two barbies kill each other, and at times freeze the other barbie doll in mid-air as she’s flying. No, I don’t think my dolls even flew. I think the most imaginative and ‘far out’ I got was when I had a set of paper dolls. Every night I’d put them in a drawer, thinking, hoping and wishing that in the morning, they’d come alive and I’d have lots of new friends. With all that said, now you know where I’m coming from! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t complaining. All I’m saying is it’s a totally different ballgame — which I’m learning every day. I’m slowly getting used to playing the games he likes. It’s fun. (Okay, here comes the emo part) But I also know that when I start to get really used to this new ballgame, he’d be moving on to the next ballgame, and I don’t know if he’d still want me to be part of his “cool picture”…. *sniff*sniff* (yes, even if I have played a couple of rough games, deep inside, I am still a girl — and his mom!)

So now that I’ve shared my heart with you guys…any suggestions on how to make the most out of our war games or any of the games boys play? Anything I need to know about how boys play? Is it really normal that he ‘freezes” my characters in mid-air so that he could beat them up or was he being really really smart there?! What does a mom like me need to know when it comes to playing games with her 4 and a half year old son?!


4 thoughts on “Help needed on the games boys play!!!”

  1. Owie, I grew up a girl playing in a boy’s world. So here’s one of the best ever toys a boy could have – MUD!!!

    That’s right, MUD is the cooooolest (literally) toy a boy could have. I grew up in Pasay CIty in a house surrounded on all four sides by a garden big enough to hold about 25 banana trees aside from other plants. So we had a lot of soil available and during the rainy season it would get really muddy!!! I would always sneak out during the rain and build mudcastles in the garden.

    One day, my sister and I decided to build a stall where we could ‘sell’ mud pies. i was only 8 or 9 years old but I totally believed in my product and was convinced that there was a market out there, LOL!

    Problem was, we had a lot of the product but we couldn’t build a proper stall – it kept falling apart so I gave up on what might have been a lucrative career selling mudpies… 🙂

    Maybe you and Kristo can pick up where I left off?

    1. Joyce,

      Wow! Mud! I would never have thought of that!!! Thanks! As soon as we get an opportunity to stay in a house with a garden — and then it rains, for sure, I’ll remember to make mud pies with Kristo (and who knows, by that time, maybe my other kids!!!) hehe! 🙂

  2. Hi Owie,

    About that part where you make stories from the characters your son has, for me, what I did is that my sons & I make the stories. I don’t do the stories alone. Most of our stories are either the characters being in combat or playing games. Regarding the parts where the characters are supposed to die, we do it in such a way as they do in cartoons so no violence would be portrayed. Any character who supposedly “died” would immediately stand and wait for the next game.

    I don’t know how to say it best but what I did was to grow with my children. When they were younger, I played with them the games & the toys they play. As they grow, we share the same toys & games. I do really really like it. Wala naman ganon na toys nung bata ako e =). But I do love connecting with my children through their toys – it also gives me a chance to regulate the games & toys they play. Yes, I always lose especially with video games & my eyes don’t serve me well with the DS & PSP, but it’s still my way of connecting with them. When they move on to the “next level” toys, I move on with them. It’s fun.

    Furthermore, this also gives me the chance to share my toys with them. This helped a lot when I got them into music. This helped a lot for JP to get into photography. This helped a lot for JJ to learn to drive. It’s through this that I got them into scrabble, etc. It’s really fun.

    I hope this helps, sis.



  3. Thanks Alex!!! Lots of great advice there! 🙂 Much appreciated…specially the part where i can have him tell the story with me. I’ll introduce that concept to him tonight!

    Oooh…and I like the part where the character who ‘dies’ immediately stands up again! 🙂 very cool!

    I love everything you said…THANK YOU!!! 🙂

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