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Update on Doni, his last chemo cycle today!!!

Today is my friend Doni’s last chemotherapy cycle. It’s his sixth. I told Doni when we met up last week that I wanted to be there during his last chemo. When I said I was ready, I meant it. When I said I wanted to be there for him, I was serious about it. 🙂

His chemo was sceduled for 10am today, but since I’ve got work, I told him I’d be there before the therapy starts. For some reason, I woke up at 4am..half asleep-half awake, I checked who was sleeping beside me. I honestly thought I was sleeping by Doni’s bed… but when I put all my effort in opening my eyes and waking up, I realized I was still in bed with my son, Kristo. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t anymore. I guess it was safer that way too, I didn’t want to oversleep and I didn’t want to be stuck in the morning rush traffic.


I was at the hospital by 6:30 but I didn’t want to wake Doni up, so I had my morning coffee and hung out by the fountain with God first.  It was cool. My quiet time this morning was exactly what I needed, plus the stories I read in the Bible as I hung out, were perfect too! I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never seen anyone go thru chemo. I was scared, primarily because I was scared of hospitals. But the thought and promise that God was already healing Doni was way way stronger than any fear.  So the creeping fear was replaced with the excitement of knowing that Doni is gonna be diagnosed as cancer free. (I declare it, in Jesus’ name!)

I went to Doni’s room at 9am and he looked great. All smiles. That was really encouraging. And I just have to add, his room smelt AWESOME!!! He had a candle lit, burning a sweet ‘oceany’ smell!! We talked about the blog I wrote about him yesterday and told him about the messages I got from so many people, promising to pray for his complete healing. Once more, Doni was all smiles…just like back in high school!!!

Doni and I kept on saying, 'Bye bye cancer!'
Doni and I kept on saying, ‘Bye bye cancer!’

Today we got to talk about the details of chemo, so at least I knew what was gonna happen. He said 3 drugs are gonna be introduced to his body. He had a tube which was connected straight to his heart — and from the heart, the drugs are oxygenated then it’s pumped thruout his body. That was a relief to know, coz that would totally hurt if the meds were introduced directly to his vein!!! (That was the picture I had in my head) He said when the drug is introduced to the body, it really doesn’t hurt. It’s the effect of the drugs to his body is what’s totally uncomfortable and tough to handle.

We took a break every now and then talking about the procedure — coz even just talking about it made Doni physically uncomfortable. Apparently, when you remember ANYTHING connected to chemo, you tend to physically feel that you’re in chemo again. That’s one of the psychological effects of the therapy….

So in between, we talked about life, God, love and the goofy things we did and talked about in high school…and goodness, our choice of clothes!!! Not something Doni and I are proud of! We both agree that we dress FAR BETTER now! haha! Then not long after, we got word that it was time to head down to the cancer center.

He's still all smiles under the mask
He’s still all smiles under the mask

In the cancer center, there are several spacious cubicles/partitions. Two comfy lazyboy chairs per unit sharing a cable ready tv. It was pretty pleasant, exactly what Doni was telling me about. Today, beside Doni was a breast cancer warrior. I sat there listening to them talk about how they both found out about their cancers. Doni was telling her that in the Philippines, there are currently only 4 Thymic cancer warriors.  2 have already been declared a-ok, and 2 (including Doni) are going thru treatment. I believe that really soon, the status will be all 4 Thymic cancers are declared a-ok!!! 🙂

I wish I could have stayed there with Doni longer. I wish I could have talked to the other warriors in that room…but I had to rush to work…plus, I just had to to write this blog…to tell the world, to pray for our brothers and sisters fighting this battle. Let’s fight this battle with them, FROM victory…coz the battle has already been won two thousand years ago (thru Jesus)!

That’s why I’m excited, coz I know I’m gonna get what I wished for, for my birthday! If you have no idea what I’m talking about — suddenly talking about my birthday wish, SCROLL DOWN to the next blog…or click here.



2 thoughts on “Update on Doni, his last chemo cycle today!!!”

  1. you’re such a great friend with a huge heart, owie! i’ll be praying for Doni…he’s very blessed to have a friend like you. Tell him I said that God must really love him so much 🙂

    miss you!

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